Saturday, December 14, 2013

#Chennai - got a early morning drizzle, IWM Polichalur station records 1.5mm of rain.

#Chennai - 1:33pm, Heavy cloud cover now over Pallavaram zone. High chance of a localized shower.

Tamilnadu Rainfall Till 8:30am today, Coonoor = 33.3mm, Kodaikanal = 25.4mm, Rajapalayam, Rasipuram, Aranmanaipudur, Padalur = 2 cm.

Almost NO rain expected for most Tamilnadu from tomorrow... COLD nights expected.

During next 18hrs, showers expected over S, South W-ghats of Tamilnadu.

There's a 60% possibility of a good easterlies after 21-Dec for Tamilnadu.
Adampur (Punjab) shivers at 2.2 C today morning.

Other COLD cities of N India ... #Delhi (Airport) = 9 C, Hissar, Ludhiana = 6 C, Lucknow = 5 C.

A moderate W.D is expected to affect Kashmir and some more zones of N,N-W India on Monday...