Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Here's the rainfall prediction chart for next 24hrs.. http://ping.fm/Tm4jx
Heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places with isolated extremely very heavy over Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh in next 24 hrs.
Monsoon is going to get more vigorous over Konkan and to Kerala coast in next 36 hrs.
Latest sat. shot shows Heavy rain activity over West-Bengal, bangladesh, Bihar and M.P.. http://ping.fm/P1n7K
Chennai - No active thunder cell yet! Bright and warm evening.
Nagercoil - Calm with a high thick cloud cover from morning... sprinkles of rain in-between. More rains forecast in next 36 hrs.
Chennai - Recorded a high of 38.9°C (2:19pm)

Lightning kills 18, including six kids

AT least 18 people including six children were killed after they were struck by lightning in the east Indian state of Bihar, officials say.
Around 30 people were struck overnight by bolts of lightning across Bihar, and those that were injured were receiving treatment in hospital, State Disaster Management Minister Devesh Chand Thakur said today.
"The children were playing in the pre-monsoon showers when lightning struck them,'' Mr Thakur said from the state capital Patna.
Torrential rains accompanied by strong winds uprooted trees, damaged houses and brought down power cables across the impoverished state last night, he said.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chennai - No thunder cells yet today till now 8:09pm
(cont.)... Udaipur, Jaipur, Dholpur, Etawah, Lucknow, Kheri, Dehradun and Uttarkashi.
Northern limit of monsoon on 29-Jun-09 afternoon... passes thru Lat. 25.0°N / Long. 60.0°E and Lat. 25.0°N / Long. 65.0°E, ...
Rainfall on 28-Jun-09:: Devala (Nilgiris dt) and Kannur 6 cm each, Tiruchengode (Namakkal dt-Tamilnadu due to a thunder storm) 5 cm.
More heavy rain forecast for Nort-east India .. http://ping.fm/IIoei

World weather hot spot - Accuweather.com

World weather hotspot from www.accuweather.com updated every 24 hrs

Weather Hot Spot

Chennai - Touched a high of 37.9°C (12:09pm) and now 12:40pm it's getting down fast .. 34.6°C.
Pre-monsoon rain over central India provides relief ... http://digg.com/u16x45
The whether in weather forecasts .. http://digg.com/u16x3y
Total solar eclipse on 22-Jul-09:: Catch eclipse early in Surat 6:21am or clearly in Patna.. http://digg.com/u16x3W

Pre-monsoon rain provides relief

The pre-monsoon thunder showers in north and north-west India, which included many parts of UP, brought much needed relief to the people from the hot and humid weather conditions prevailing for the last three months. The good news is that the relief is here to stay for a while as Met department said that there will be no change in the weather on Monday. It further predicted that monsoon will also arrive in a couple of days in east UP.

The weather turnaround started from Saturday evening when strong gusts of winds brought clouds and thunder showers in many parts of the state. It continued on Sunday and weather remained pleasant. East UP in particular received good rains all day. Shravasti recorded 88 mm rains, Bahraich 55 mm, Bikapur in Faizabad 73 mm, Gorkahpur 6 mm and Sultanpur 1.6 mm.

Although it did not rain much in Lucknow, the weather remained pleasant all day due to moisture-laden cool winds. Some parts of Lucknow did record a drizzle but rest were dry. Similar reports were also received from Allahabad, Varanasi and Kanpur. However, two persons were killed in Ballia due to lightning.

The whether in weather forecasts

Sir, it is raining in Mumbai and also in few others parts of Maharashtra," Dr A B Mazumdar attends his first telephone call of the day at his Pune office and gets excited. "Good news! And yes, check for rains in Marathwada region as well and keep me informed," Mazumdar tells his colleague over the phone and gets back to work.

A veteran weather forecaster, Mazumdar has been living in Pune since 1985 and is a workaholic. Weather forecasting is a tough job, he admits, but believes it involves a lot of routine technical work which is done by experts from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). "Predicting a development from a natural system is always tough. The forecast is made with the help of certain systems and models. But it remains a forecast and hence, can go wrong sometimes," states Mazumdar.

A product of the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Mazumdar studied Master of Science in Geo-Physics and later completed his doctorate in the same subject to join the IMD. "Being a weatherman brings along a lot of responsibility as well as a feeling of increased expectations. I love to work and spend a lot of time at the office," he says.

Before settling in Pune, Mazumdar held various key positions at the IMD in cities like Patna, Kolkata and Nagpur. As the monsoon approaches, he gets more involved in work and keeps visiting his office at odd hours and even on holidays.

In March, the IMD had predicted a normal rainfall across India during the June-September season. But the projections seem to have gone wrong and not surprisingly, weathermen like him are being blamed for it. "Forecasts can go wrong sometimes," he says. And then adds, "That is why it is a forecast. If all our forecasts came true then we would be called 'fortune-tellers' and not weathermen," he says with a smile.

When asked if he experiences a burden of expectations of a billion Indians when it comes to monsoon projection, Mazumdar says "No". Instead, he says, "We depend on our methods, models and systems. The projections are given with the help of these systems and hence, there are chances of those going wrong. But, we do our job sincerely."

The IMD announces four major projections every year on the progress of the monsoon, with the first one coming out in April. A number of weather forecast centres calculate the estimate and the final announcement is made from New Delhi. Among these, the projection made from the Pune office is considered most crucial and accurate. And hence, Mazumdar and his team play an important role in this process.

This year though, they seem to have had a tough time. The monsoon has not progressed as per expectations. What is more worrying is a report published by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), which talks about adverse impact of "El Nino" on India's monsoon. But Mazumdar does not agree with this report. "El Nino generally develops close to the sea coast of Peru in South America and it hardly has anything to do with the monsoon. It does bring about certain impact on global weather cycles but not in every case," he claims.

Although the monsoon has been delayed, its progress gives him a sense of relief and brings him joy. "The monsoon is progressing fast and we should expect good rains over next two months," he states. "Forget about the threats of El Nino and the month of August will see 101 per cent rains against last year's rainfall in August," he smiles. He ends up on a note of caution though, "Remember, this is just a forecast!"

Original from:: http://www.business-standard.com/india/news/kaustubh-kulkarni-whether-in-weather-forecasts/362365/

Monsoon update from Jim's blog (accuweather.com)

It took a good fortnight beyond the customary start date for the first outburst of rain to strike Mumbai on the west coast of India. The outburst happened mostly on Saturday with Santa Cruz picking up 127 mm. Other falls during the week raised the tally to about 180 mm--still far below the nearly 59 cm that normal falls during the month of June.

Elsewhere along the west coast, rainfall since early week has been about 240 mm at Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), and about 200 mm at Panaji (Goa).

Whether or not any of these amounts seem high, they are decidedly moderate for the region at this time of year. Indeed, these amounts are nearly comparable to the normal rainfall for several days during the latter half of June.

Away from the west coast of India, rainfall this week has tended to be deficient over the Subcontinent with wide areas having none to speak of. True, there have been spot downpours over the interior and the north east.

--The tropical depression that landed over the state of Gujarat at midweek was instigator of hit-or-miss downpours into the state of Sindh, Pakistan. It even rained meaningfully into the city of Karachi, as citizens have related to this writer.

--Major news this week from the India Meteorology Department (IMD) as an update was made to the seasonal forecast of SW Monsoon rains.

In short, the update is to call for 93 percent of long-period average rainfall for India as a whole (June to September). The original forecast was for 96 percent of average. The key difference is accounted for by the dearth in June rainfall to date. Forecast is also for full rainfall (101 percent) during August, for a relatively strong finish.

It would seem that the shift from La Nina to neutral ENSO (El Nino-Southern Oscillation) is the key variable in play here. The IMD also site the Indian Ocean Dipole as an oceanic index having at least the possibility of weighing upon the seasonal rain outcome.

--Looking forward, Subcontinent rainfall will continue to be "patchy" during the coming week with small areas of generous rainfall interspersed with wide areas of sparing to absent rainfall. Some return of weak subtropical Westerlies to the northern Subcontinent is forecast--this is a negative factor for the SW Monsoon and its rains.

One indicator for the week thereafter: the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) is forecast to become more favorable for rising convective currents and the rains they tend to breed.

What's up for coming days...

MJO predicts a good WET phase from 3-Jul-09 to almost the end of July. Hope this wet phase brings good rains from monsoon.

Latest GFS run shows more rains for western coast from 30-Jun and HEAVY rains for Central and North-eastern India. For Chennai though nothing as of today. If the monsoon current becomes stronger during 1st week of July, Chennai will get evening moderate thunder showers, and that too will be scattered. One good thing is now that the monsoon air current is in full pace, chennai will experience a slightly lowered day temperature (around 37 deg celsius) and slightly high humidity.

After a day of lull in rains along western coast, today the monsoon is lining up again for another strike...http://ping.fm/YPtqf

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chennai - No thunder cell till 6pm, after we can see some minor cells over south-west distant horizon.
(cont.).. Bhuj, Baroda, Indore, Hoshangabad, Rajnandgaon, Cuttack, Balasore, Bankura and Gangtok till date.
northern limit of southwest monsoon passes through Lat. 23.0°N / Long. 60.0°E and Lat. 23.0°N / Long. 65.0°E,..
Mumbai is also into good monsoon current and clouds... good rains forecast in next 24 hrs.
Monsoon has moved into Madhya pradesh, gujarat remainin areas, and even into some parts of UttarPradesh.
http://ping.fm/q2hcH ... Classical sat. shot of northern India under First monsoon showers.
Chennai - Records another 38.8°C (1:42pm)
India’s Monsoon Predictions More Uncertain .. http://digg.com/u16sFb

India’s Monsoon Predictions More Uncertain

Predicting the monsoons - a risky proposition despite the deployment of satellites and supercomputers - appears to have become iffier thanks to climate change.

As the spectre of drought looms up across India thanks to this season's seriously deficient monsoon - so far - it looks as if the days when India's farming was referred to as a 'gamble with the monsoons' are returning.

"There is growing evidence to suggest that climate change is making the monsoons more unpredictable and worsening the severity of events like floods and droughts," Vinuta Gopal, energy and climate change campaigner for Greenpeace, told IPS.

Gopal says that while there is no scientific evidence yet to link this year's truant monsoon to climate change, what is clear is that the "modelling systems of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) cannot make predictions with any degree of accuracy." This means that farmers cannot depend on the forecasts to time sowing, harvesting and all that goes in between.

"Farmers we [Greenpeace] spoke with in the four southern states [Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka] told us that even traditional methods of forecasting have become undependable," Gopal said. "What is certain is that the intensity and frequency of storms and spells of rain and drought are becoming commonplace, but exactly how precipitation patterns are changing is still to be worked out."

On Apr. 17, IMD made an optimistic initial forecast for the South-West Monsoon that said that countrywide average cumulative rainfall for the season would be 96 percent of long-term average, allowing five percent either way for model error.

But this week India's Minister for Science and Technology Prithviraj Chauhan scaled that down to 93 percent of the 89 cm (35 inches) of rainfall that ought to fall in the June-September monsoon season - if major crops such as sugarcane, oilseeds and rice are not to suffer.

Chauhan's announcement brought gloom to a country hoping to make up for recessionary trends through a good harvest. Only a third of India's arable land is irrigated - with the rest depending on monsoon rainfall and on underground water pumped up from aquifers using bore wells.

The last time India suffered a drought was in 2002, when economic growth slumped to four percent, dramatically illustrating the impact of monsoons on the economy. The following year when India had the best rainfall in five years, the economic growth sprang back to 8.5 percent. In 2004, the rains were the second lowest in two decades and growth slowed to 6.9 percent. The nine percent growth India experienced in 2005 and 2007 was accompanied by normal rainfall during those years.

Pradhan Parth Sarthi, a climate scientist with the prestigious Energy Research Institute, told IPS that the Indian summer monsoon remains a "complex and mysterious phenomenon" and that it is a hard task for any meteorologist to predict its course and precipitation "through existing statistical and dynamical models."

"While climate change has little impact on average annual rainfall, going by rainfall data studied over a 100-year period, it is seen that during the monsoons heavy to very heavy rainfall is increasing in some areas and rainfall of lowered intensity is decreasing in other areas. These trends compensate each other in terms of net rainfall but they can be disruptive of normal agriculture," Sarthi said.

El Niño (abnormal rise in sea surface temperature over the equatorial central Pacific Ocean), one of several factors that can delay or cause a failure of the monsoons, seems to have caused a 50 percent reduction in normal rainfall in June, Sarthi said. "We are hoping that the situation will revive in July, the principal rainy season, when El Niño weakens over the central, equatorial Pacific Ocean."

"El Niño is already known to cause droughts and it will be fair to say that global warming may act to exacerbate these extreme events," Sarthi observed.

"Although it is impossible to predict the effects of global warming on the frequency of El Niños, all indications seem to be that they are becoming stronger, more common, and are no longer disappearing completely," says Kevin E. Trenberth, a lead author of the 2001 and 2007 United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s scientific assessments of climate change. "In other words, the Pacific doesn't seem to be reverting to 'normal' anymore," Trenberth says in a report for the David Suzuki foundation.

For Gopal what is truly worrisome is a complacent attitude in which anomalous weather conditions are gradually becoming accepted as normal - and this despite a series of catastrophic events over the last few years.

In 2006, Cherrapunji in India's northeast - famed as the wettest place on earth - received considerably lower amounts of rainfall, whereas arid, desert states such as western Rajasthan received unusual amounts of rainfall, bringing in its wake all manner of calamities, including diseases.

The July 2005 Mumbai deluge wreaked havoc in the western metropolis, causing billions of dollars of damage and the loss of hundreds of lives. Surging floodwaters triggered by the 2002 monsoon killed more than 800 people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal and displaced millions. This year Cyclone Aila devastated coastal Bangladesh leaving over 24,000 people homeless, and destroying large tracts of mangrove forests.

"The intensity and frequency of freak spells of rain and drought, cyclones and storms are only getting worse by the year. Science increasingly suggests that climate change is going to change the pattern of the Indian monsoon," Gopal said.

After assessing historical data, the IPCC in its fourth assessment report in 2007 suggested that "warming in India is likely to be above the average for South Asia, with an increase in summer precipitation and an increase in the frequency of intense precipitation in some parts."

According to the IPCC the Indian monsoons are going to undergo gross changes as a direct result of climate change with increased rainfall in the summer monsoon, but with uneven distribution across India.

Gopal predicts climate change will likely to lead to a stronger but more variable monsoon until 2100. Thereafter, with the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and its effects on temperatures in the North Atlantic, and in turn, the pattern of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation, the grip on the monsoon will weaken.

"What is imminent and looming large are the dire consequences of a climate- changed monsoon," Gopal said.

Close to two-thirds of humanity live within regions influenced by the Asian monsoon and depend on the water that it brings to support agriculture, and supply potable water.

The Indian subcontinent lies close to the centre of the monsoonal region, and despite a gradual shift away from agriculture, India is still largely an agrarian state with agriculture accounting for a third of its Gross Domestic Product. Only about 40 percent of the land is irrigated - leaving farmers exposed to the vagaries of monsoons.

India's farming is focused on feeding domestic demand and follows the country's long-held policy of maintaining food self-sufficiency.

Original from:: http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=47395

Monsoon nearing UP, predicts weatherman.. http://digg.com/u16sBA

Monsoon nearing UP, predicts weatherman

Weather turned pleasant late on Saturday evening with strong gusty winds carrying moisture sweeping the city. Some parts of the state were also lashed by thunder showers. Though climate was hot and humid, skies remained cloudy during the day. All this indicated that the monsoon is drawing closer to UP.

The Met department forecast also said that conditions were favourable for further advance of southwest monsoon into some more parts of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, in remaining parts of Orissa, West Bengal and Sikkim and some more parts of Jharkhand, Bihar, east UP in next two to three days (June 29-30).

Weatherman has also predicted thundershowers in northwest India including east UP and Rajasthan on Sunday. These areas have been experiencing heat wave conditions so far. The maximum temperature in Lucknow on Saturday was 40.2 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal, but strong winds turned the weatherpleasant in the evening.

The normal date of monsoon arrival in UP is June 15 but this year it has been delayed by a fortnight. People reeling under hot and humid weather conditions also fear drought like conditions, in case monsoon is delayed further or does not produce enough rains in July and August to compensate for the loss in June.

Chennai - Going to be another clear day to start, cloudy afternoon and mild showers after 4 pm... temperature will be around 37 deg.
Chennai - All time high for June was 43.3 C (3.6.1948)
Massive pre-monsoon showers over central (M.P) and North-north-east (U.P) India.. http://ping.fm/ePE9Z

Saturday, June 27, 2009

(cont..).. This only mean that monsoon is pushing into central India. Full of western coast and south Gujarat is getting good monsoon shower
http://ping.fm/4xMNm ... latest sat shot shows.. Super pre-monsoon over central Madhyapradesh, South Uttar pradesh and Rajasthan.
Chennai - Mild sprinkles in Saidapet, while Madipakkam and south-west suburbs started receiving mild passing showers. It's like monsoon here
Chennai - Another round of light rain coming up from south-west..with nice cold winds... it's a great saturday evening.
Chennai - recorded a LOW of the month 36.9°C (12:38pm) today.!
Chennai - Getting reports of RAIN in southern suburbs of chennai. A rain shower is moving over south-west and southern suburbs.

Weather updates from 20-Jun-09 to till now...

Chennai - Cloudy for more than 2 hrs now(3:05pm) and Some sprinkles in Saidapet area.

Chennai - After 25 days chennai recorded a below 39 deg yesterday... 37.5°C (1:20pm)

http://twitpic.com/8gr2s - Here's the latest sat pic showin.. Bay activity, Active western coast and Heavy pre-monsoon over Madhyapradesh.

Heavy pre monsoon thunder showers over central Madhya Pradesh.

Chennai - 2mm rain around Egmore area.

@followkris .. Looks like though... No report of rain yet from inside Chennai City limits... I'm reporting from Saidapet.

Chennai - Huge Rain cloud build-up over West and south-west . And it's moving rapidly towards main chennai.

@followkris . Yes, u are correct. Due to strong & active monsoon winds over south-western coast. We are having it's effect here in Chennai.

Monsoon active over western coast. .. http://bit.ly/sXmcP

El Nino may be hindering Indian monsoon ... http://bit.ly/pcGcH

Chennai - Thunder cell formations can be seen over west and south-west.

Chennai - Getting cloudy now 2 pm, with few HIGH and LOW clouds.

Chennai - Yesterday evening rain: a Squally passing shower drenched south, south-west and south-east parts of Chennai.

http://twitpic.com/8d96x - Latest satellite shot shows monsoon getting vigorous along west coast from Maharastra to southern tip of India.

@followkris Yes, it's always a treat to watch nature's wonder.

Chennai - a Rain shower is passing thru south-west and now (4:08pm) passing thru southern out skirts of Chennai. Nothing in Saidapet.

Chennai - Very hot now 40.2°C (2:53pm), A heavy cloud build-up over Chennai from west-south-west. Possibility of a SUPER shower is increasin

Chennai - now 2pm, Temperature tounching 39.5 deg, Good breeze from south-west and Already we can see thunder cells lined up over souht- ...

"93A" is now big and over North Arabian sea, just south of Pakistan... Going to be like a cyclone to Oman in Jun-2007..???

Weak Monsoon hits Mumbai. .. http://bit.ly/ttGta

Rainfall on 23-Jun-09:: Devala (Nilgiris dt) 6 cm. Other stations recorded below 5 cm.

Chennai - Madippakam again left with mild drizzles and Rain has moved to south-east of Chennai.

More pre monsoon showers can be seen over south-Madhyapradesh and south-east Rajasthan.

Severe thunder storms can be seen over western Orissa.

"93A" rainfall over sourastra & Kutch region:: Sutrapada-17, Veraval-17, Mangrol-15, Ranavav-10, Porbandar-7, Kalyanpur-7 cm.

"93A" is over Sea again, now near southern Pakistan. Central bay is active.South and south-east Arabian sea is also active, good for monsoon

Chennai - Madipakkam...Started drizzle with squally winds.

Chennai - Hearing thunder from Madippakam region... so it's near 20 km. Surely the south-west suburbs are receiving showers now 6:52pm.

Chennai - Now 6:47pm (madipakkam) we can see huge thunder storm moving into Chennai from south-south-west..looks pretty heavy and widespread

Chennai - Lots of thunder cells could be seen from west to south horizon... at around 5pm.

Chennai - Another HOT HOT day 39.9°C (2:31pm)... when this is goin to COOL..!!

Delhiites feel the heat as mercury touches 44 degree C ... http://bit.ly/3bf3E

WMO's monsoon projection .... http://bit.ly/16dyg2

Poor monsoon so far (Chart) ... http://bit.ly/mKxUN

http://twitpic.com/89ots - Latest satellite pic shows the Head of "93A" is over Sea again and more central Bay activity.

"93A" after making a landfall over south Gujarat, now it has moved to WEST and now 2:57pm it's over Sea again... now what.??

Central Bay is very active from yesterday(23-Jun-09) evening.

Almost FULL West coast is active with monsoon showers now 11 am.

Latest on Depression "93A" over Gujarat. http://bit.ly/Ulx2m

Depression "93A" makes landfall over southern Gujarat.

Depression "93A" in striking distance .. http://bit.ly/8Z7bM

Pre-monsoon showers over north Maharastra, Gujarat and even into South-Rajasthan. Meanwhile monsoon is active over southern Kerala.

Central bay is also active, possibility of a LOW in another 24 hrs. Watch out for 2 LOW on either side of sub-continent. Good for Monsoon.

Chennai - No thunder cells today as of now 6:53pm, but cloud formations can be seen over to the west. We have good sea breeze from East.

http://twitpic.com/86los - Outer swirl of "93A" is now touching southern Gujarat. And monsoon is vigorous over Central and eastern Bay.

Chennai - Again touched a super high of 40.5°C (3:04pm)... now coming down fast. Good breeze from east over the sea.

Kanyakumari rainfall on 21-Jun-09:: Kuzhithurai and Thuckalay 2 cm each.

Rainfall on 21-Jun-09:: Kunnamkulam (Thrissur dt) 5, Thalassery (Kannur dt) and Alland (Gulbarga dt) 4 cm each.

To the people of Gujarat: Late monsoon coming with a bang! .. http://bit.ly/z4Pej

"93A" is located 85 NM WEST- NORTHWEST OF MUMBAI and JTWC has issued a Cyclone formation alert.

As expected we are following a LOW system just south of Gujarat.. system is being followed as "93A"

Monsoon rains concentrated to southern Kerala.

Chennai - Windy and 40 deg day ahead. And 70% chance of getting respite from Rain after 5 pm.

Nagercoil - Intermittent showers and drizzle continue from 4pm.

Chennai - Wide spread Mild showers thru out chennai at around 7 pm... some area received heavy showers and some mild drizzles alone.

Almost all region of Western coast is getting good monsoon rains now 5:58pm.

Chennai - Some weak thunder cell formations can be seen over south-west.

Nagercoil - Light rain has started.

Chennai - Temperature getting down fast, Good cloud formations over to the west, cloud formation are fed by moist sea winds from east.

Monsoon activities can be seen over Mumbai. More premonsoon showers develop over north Maharastra and south Gujarat.

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Chennai - Now 3:01pm we have nice breeze from East-south-east from Sea... this might trigger a thunder storm.

Chennai - Recorded a super high of 40.1°C at 2:37pm... this is unusual during late June.

Chennai - After a mild start to the day now 1:42pm temperature is peaking at 38.8°C.. even with winds gusting upto 24km/hr

El Nino may suppress monsoon ... http://bit.ly/m5z5h

Wanted urgently: Rains in India .. http://bit.ly/17cNNn

Good Overnight monsoon rains from central coastal Kerala to Goa.

Chennai - Another DEEP blue sky day, wind gusts from south-west upto 18 Km/Hr... As always temperature is on the rise.

http://twitpic.com/80bps - This wind & pressure forecast suggests a good circulation near southern Gujarat in another 48 hrs.

Above 15th parallel and below 20th parallel, over the north-central Arabian sea there's a potential circulation.

Lots of thunder activity over North-west maharastra, Mumbai, offshore Maharastra and southern Gujarat. West bengal also receive some rain.

Southern Andhra is active with lotsthunder showers over the past week. Jammalamadugu (Cuddapah dt) recorded a rainfall of 7 cm on 20-Jun-09

IMD, says that the Monsoon will revive again during the coming week, but actually now we have signs of dying down over the western coast.

Going by latest rainfall amounts for 20-Jun-09, It shows the rainfall intensity over the western coast has gone down drastically.

Possibility of a Depression over north Arabian sea... we'll update on it as it forms.

Nagercoil(NGL) - Monsoon showers continue, intermittently. We had showers around 8 am after that it's cloudy now.

Latest sat. pic. shows... Monsoon might strike Mumbai and southern Gujarat... in next 72 hrs.

@vinoh Yesterday night also we had great weather... check out www.indiaweather.co.cc or follow my tweets, dedicated to weather.

Chennai - Now it's partly cloudy & clearing fast, but temperature is around 32 deg Celsius. That's COOL after 30 days.

Chennai - southern & central Chennai received some mild drizzles alone, while northern & north-west received quiet heavy rain.

Chennai - Yesterday night around 8:30 & 9:30 a thunder storm from north-west swept across northern suburbs of Chennai and crossed into sea.

chennai - Gusts continue as lightning activity increases. Now 9:07 pm hearing thunder.

chennai - Huge wide area formation. Now 8:49pm winds started gustin from west. Less activity of lightning can be observed.

chennai - huge thunder storm brewing over north-west horizon of chennai. Wind is from south-south-west

Rainfall on 19-Jun-09:: Kannur recorded a very heavy rainfall of 18 Centimetres, Kochi Airport and Aminidivi 6 cm each.

Thunder showers can be seen over Southern and central Andhra and to the north-west of Maharastra. Mumbai have received some showers.!!

Mumbai is getting some pre-monsoon showers... can anyone confirm this now..??

Chennai - recorded a high of 39.5°C (1:36pm)... when this is going to go down.

Early morning there was a huge thunder storm near the coast of Andhra. we can see the remnants still hanging from sea to inland.

Chennai - Before 9 am it's already 34 deg celsius... going to be a BAD HOT HUMID day with some some wind from west.

Latest satellite pic shows a well weakened "92B" almost vanished.

Cumulative rain(1st-17th June):: Actual rainfall for the country as a whole is 39.5 mm against a normal of 72.5 mm with a deficiency of 45%.

Kanyakumari district rainfall on 18-Jun-09:: Puthan dam and Perunchani 4 CM each, Pechipparai, Thuckalay, Suralacode & Sivalogam 3 CM each.

Rainfall on 18-Jun-09:: Honavar 18, Aminidivi 15 and Kochi Airport and Shirali 9 CM each.