Sunday, October 16, 2011


Sudden sharp showers and thunder in mumbai. Parting monsoon kick
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RT @aravindh_mohan: @weatherofindia its a hot day out here in Bangalore :)
RT @vijaysraman: @weatherofindia but its so hot in tnagar chennai 12:52
RT @nravs: @weatherofindia heavy rain in Annanagar now! Chennai 12:40pm
IMD models suggest that strong N-E monsoon current will reach Tamilnadu coast on 23-Oct..
chennai - 12:26pm having wind from S-E and S-central chennai having good cloud formation.. Sharp showers possible before 3pm.
According to COLA models the N-E monsoon current will reach Tamilnadu coast on 23/24-Oct
From 18-Oct, Showers along S-E peninsula coast will dry up, in preparation for the N-E monsoon current.
T.showers along entire S-W peninsula will be strong for another 24hrs and then it'll be scattered and less intensity..
On 18-Oct, Arabian sea Low circulation will move West and Lakshadweep seas may pop another circulation..
On 18-Oct, present E.Bay circulation may become a Depression and move North into Bay towards Bangladesh coast..
Today, we have 3 circulations, One over S.central Arabian sea, One over central coastal Tamilnadu and one over E.Bay..