Saturday, February 28, 2015

Today, the LWD is seen from S Tamilnadu to N Karnataka and then to N-E... this is expected to persist for next 36hrs 

This LWD will pop more T showers over S,interior,W-ghats Tamilnadu, W-ghats Kerala, into S,E,N-E Karnataka, S,W,N,central Andhra in 36hrs.

S Tamilnadu HEAVY rainfall till 8:30am, 28-Feb..
Sankarankoil = 11cm
Mylaudy = 8cm
Aranmanaipudur = 7cm
Kalugumalai = 5cm.

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 3.15pm.., Sky getting cloudy.. patches of dark clouds from west..will it rain???? 
Bangalore - many zones of city got heavy T showers later in the evening !

Super W.D is now lying as a upper-level trough along 62E and dipping South upto 15N.. It'll drift East into W-coast India in next 24hrs.
By Monday morning, this upper-level W.D trough may fizzle out along W,N-W India... 

The low-level circulation associated with present W.D is seen over N Arabian sea, S Pakistan, W Gujarat ... 
This low-level circulation will move N-E into India and reach to N-W India (N Rajasthan, Punjab) on Monday morning.. 

9:30pm, Satellite IR shows, rain and cloudy over most of N,W,central,E-central, central and S Peninsula ... 
Reports of moderate/light rain over Mumbai, Badlapur and Pune today... and more ahead for these zones on Sunday !

Due to W.D, and before Monday morning...
Heavy, widespread rain for Madhyapradesh, Punjab, Haryana, S,S-W Kashmir, Himachal, N,E Rajasthan.
Moderate/heavy rain ahead for W,coast,central,N Maharastra, scattered over S,E Gujarat... 
Moderate/heavy rain ahead for Delhi on Sunday and scattered rain into W,central,E Uttarpradesh.
Showers will push to Bihar,N Bengal !