Monday, December 03, 2012

#chennai - more showers possible before 12am or into morning of 4-Dec.
RT @manibond32: @weatherofindia no rain in Salem (Tamilnadu) today. waiting (8:58pm)
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Bangalore 8.55pm, Cloud formation in the evening,  and drizzle experienced in some places. 
RT @joesat: severe and steady downpour at #palavakkam for 2hrs. No power @weatherofindia 8:40pm #chennai

RT @ntshamz2010: #chennai @weatherofindia pouring here in Selaiyur and neighbouring areas. whats the forecast?? (8:37pm)
RT @joesat: #chennai OMR flooded due to heavy rains for last 2hrs betwn srp tools and kandanchavadi. Autos pls avoid flooding (8:32pm)

#chennai - Heavy rains continue over Pallavaram zone .. non stop (8:36pm)
#chennai - Very heavy rain now 7:59pm over Pallavaram zone.
6:30pm, Showers has pushed inland into N.Tamilnadu.. more showers ahead for N.Tamilnadu coast,S.Andhra coast, #Chennai. 
RT @thisismmk: @weatherofindia Heavy rains flooding the roads in Madipakkam, #chennai @ 6.40pm

RT @divakarchennai: @weatherofindia Heavy Rain at Palavakkam ECR!!!!! #chennai (7:06pm)

#chennai - Heavy rain continues over Pallavaram zone (7:18pm)
RT @dsanjeevkumar: @weatherofindia Heavy rains in #Chennai #Guindy Area.. at 6.30PM

#chennai - Steady sharp showers now (6:39pm) over Pallavaram zone
BB-12. the short lived system, has weakened, and on Monday afternoon, is  at 1007 mb, NE off Sri Lanka.

A trough runs through the Southern Peninsula .

NW  quadrant shows clouding and the winds are still at around 20 knts. Due to this, scattered showers along TN coast, with a few heavy in pockets, by Monday evening. 
The reflectivity image based on the dbZ, shows a sharp decline by Monday evening.  

The system will merge into the trough. While moving West, some precipitation in the Southern tip of India region and S.I. Karnataka.

4:30pm, More heavy rain pushing into S.Andhra coast .. around 40,50,60 KM North from #Chennai city... 
RT @raj03095: @weatherofindia raining heavily in arakkonam (West of Chennai at 65km) 2:30pm 3rd dec 
@lakshmisharath >> Rameshwaram zone, Gulf Mannar zones will get some scattered showers on 4,5,6-Dec.
"99B" as expected by models, it has surprisingly drifted S-S-W and now (5:30am analysis) along N-E Srilanka coast... 

"99B" is just a low level circulation and will vanish along N.Srilanka in next 24hrs .!

Showers expected for N.Tamilnadu and N,central Coast till evening of 5-Dec... 
#chennai - 1:20pm, heavy rain seen over S.Andhra around 50,60 upto 80km N,N-N-W from city.

#chennai - 1:20pm, Heavy rain also seen over W,N-W from city at 45km (Tiruvallur zone).

#chennai - city will get more rain after 2 / 3pm .. may be an prolonged one extending into evening.
Today, Low temp. recorded over plains of India is at Churu (Rajasthan) = 3.9°C 

Chennai - Polichalur zone! 2:11am, heavy rain continuing for the past 1 hour (more than that) with stiff breeze.