Wednesday, September 24, 2014

6:30pm, Lots of T showers seen over S,central,W-ghats Karnataka, S-W Maharastra, S Tamilnadu ... 

Today, the low-level trough from Bangladesh to W-S-W Bay persists ...
In next 24hrs, a low-level circulation is expected over S Tamilnadu and expected to drift West or W-S-W ...
WRF model suggests, on 25-Sep, low,mid-level circulation will be along S tip Tamilnadu, S tip Kerala ...

An upper,mid-level trough seen from N Bihar to S Bengal, N Bay ... expected to persist and drift East in 2 days.. 
In 12hrs, an upper-level W.D trough is expected to touch N,N-central Pakistan and will drift East during next 2 days

Rainfall alert for next 42 hrs
Before morning of 25-Sep...
T showers will persist over N,N-W,central,S, W-ghats of Tamilnadu .. 
Early hrs, morning of 25-Sep..
T showers expected along Kerala coast, S tip Tamilnadu and Lakshadweep.
Tonight, HEAVY T showers possible over N,central Bengal, Sikkim, N,central Bangladesh and into central zones of N-E states.

Due to W.D...
scattered rain for N Pakistan and into Kashmir, Himachal during next 24hrs !
Most of N,N-W,W,central India is expected to remain DRY during next 2 days !

Due to formation os circulation over S Tamilnadu..
HEAVY rain expected over S tip, w-ghats of Tamilnadu on 25-Sep ... 
25-Sep, noon, evening...
T showers again for N,N-E,N-W, central Tamilnadu, S,central Karnataka and S,central Andhra.

#Bangalore - 25-Sep, more HEAVY T showers expected for city, suburbs !
#Chennai - 25-Sep, from 11:30am to 5pm a localized T shower will pop over S-W,W,N-W suburbs.
Less rain expected for city and along coast !
#Chennai - Today afternoon rain over Pallavaram, Polichalur zone.
IWM Polichalur station records 12.9mm of rainfall.

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Bangalore - 4:36pm, raining ! #weather

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#chennai - 2:27pm, raining in Polichalur zone as well. #weather

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#chennai - 2:25pm, Pallavaram ... Its pouring now. #weather

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#chennai - 2:10pm, sharp showers with thunder now over Pallavaram zone. #weather

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#Chennai - 2:17pm, Raining for past 15 min in Pallavaram.. now the rain is seen only in this zone, will move South.