Wednesday, October 28, 2015

94A is expected to become Cyclone in 36hrs, move towards Oman

94A, over S-central Arabian sea is now a Depression and JTWC has issued a cyclone formation alert ...

10:30pm, 94A, Depression is having good convective activity, slowly intensifying and has drifted North..

In next 48hrs, 94A is expected to develop into a Cyclone and spin towards Oman coast...

IMD has announced that NE Monsoon has reached S-coast Andhra, #Chennai and Coastal Tamilnadu.!
Even now, the easterlies are weak over #Chennai.
6:15pm, a mini shower is sweeping over S-central Chennai ..

5:30pm, T showers seen over S,central,N-central Tamilnadu and all along W-ghats from SW Karnataka to S Kerala..

For Tamilnadu coast and S-coast Andhra.. moderate scattered rain forecast from now till mid-morning of 29-Oct.

#Chennai, Polichalur - 6:31pm, a sharp shower now.. 2.4mm of rain from this...

Today as well, low-level circulation 93B persists over SW Bay along SE Srilanka coast ..
93B over SW Bay is expected to drift SW and form a easterly trough from S-W Bay to N Bay...
This can drop a low,mid-level circulation over N Bay in next 36hrs !
May not happen due to approaching WD circulation, trough from West.

NE Monsoon showers along Tamilnadu coast, #Chennai are expected to be moderate, scattered for next 36hrs.

5:30pm, wind analysis of 93B shows a circulation over S Tamilnadu and another SW of Srilanka..

Strong WD circulation travelling East across N-central India

Latest, a mid,upper-level WD trough and circulation seen along N-W India, N Rajasthan and drifting ESE..
In next 2 days, this WD circulation, trough will travel across E-central,East India and even affect NE states..

4:30pm, Due to WD..
HEAVY T showers over E,N-E Rajasthan, N,E,NE Madhyapradesh, Haryana, W,S,E Uttarpradesh..

Due to WD, Next 2 days.. scattered T showers expected over E,NE Madhyapradesh, S,E Uttarpradesh, N Chatisgarh, Jharkhand, N Odisha.
By Friday afternoon and into Saturday, Rain will push into S,central Bengal as well ...

October 28, 2015 at 04:35PM

3:52pm, Badlapur - high cloud cover due to outer bands of depression 94A.. #weather

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October 28, 2015 at 04:33PM

3:10pm, Tirunelveli - T showers. #weather

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October 28, 2015 at 04:30PM

1:22pm, Shahdol - T showers. #weather

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Tropical Update :-
28th Oct 2015

1. The System in Arabian sea is a well marked Low Pressure
and will develop into a depression in next 24 hours , and we are expecting it to drift to Oman coast and Gulf of Aden ..
(It wont Affect the Indian Sub-continent Directly )

2. An UAC over North and east MP and South and east UP and Adjoining Bihar is posing a major threat in next 24 hours , it may produce major hailstorms and Thunderstorms over the given areas below :-
1. Guna , MP
2. Satna , MP
3. Damoh , MP
4. Khajuraho, MP
5. Rewa , MP
6. Jabalpur , MP
7. Gwalior , MP
8. Kanpur , UP
9. Mirzapur , UP
10 , PAtna , BH

3. The Low pressure Right now over Bay of bengal and adjoining
Sri Lanka and TN will move north - north east slightly in next 24 hours , and from that there will be another Pulse that will Form a Fresh Low pressure on 30th OCT 2015 close to North AP and south Orissa Coast , it will Drift towards Coastal WB and Bangladesh by 1st NOV 2015 , resulting to that we can expect Brisk winds and Light to moderate rainfall in the City of Kolkata ,
and other Districts of South bengal also ...
Kolkata and other western districts of WB like birbhum and Burdwan and purulia may be affected by some isolated thunderstorms on 31st OCT 2015 due to the Affect of UAC over East MP and East UP .....
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October 28, 2015 at 07:24AM

Chennai - many zones of southern suburbs got moderate rain during early hrs. IWM Polichalur got 31.8mm so far. #iwm