Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cyclone alert over central bay

Low pressure system 98B is now a cyclone threat.
JTWC is now following the system.
Here's the latest satellite pic and JTWC projected path...

Breaking News: South west monsoon is here.

At last the south west monsoon is over southern tip of Indian mainland.
One day after the earlier predicted date of 21-May-09, the monsoon air current picked up strength at around midnight of 22-May-09.
Rain picked up at around 1 AM of 23-May-09.
Take a look at the latest (23-May-09, 6:30 am)

Thanks to the potential circulation "98B" over the central bay and it's north ward movement, the southern tip of mainland has got the Monsoon air current.
Latest GFS also suggests a Deep low over the central bay and the southern tip is in for more heavy rains.