Wednesday, May 30, 2012

High day temperatures of Wednesday, 30th May:

In Pakistan, Sibi touched 49.0c, Jacobabad touch 48.5c, While Multan sees 48.0c. Sukkur soared to 47c. 
Islamabad saw an unusual high of 43c.

Wednesday,30th, in India, it was 47c at not only the usual  places in Vid. like Brahmapuri reached 47.6c Chandrapur saw 47c and Wardha at 46.9c , Allahbad at 46..8c, Nagpur at 46.6c, Agra at 46.5c and c, but the 47c has crept into Punjab with Amritsar touching 47.0c and Hissar at 46.4c today.

The Rajasthan Desert is in the 45/46c range with Bikaner and Kota at 45.8c and Jaisalmer seeing 45.4c,along with Delhi ( S'Jung) also at 45.0c on Wednesday.
Nagpur's minimum bottomed at only 33.6c today.

Monsoon may initially avoid Tamil Nadu for a week, and move along west coast...more on Vagaries.
chennai - 9:10pm, still very HOT 36.0°C... with NO wind !!
Strong winds from W,N-W will continue over N. Tamilnadu, Entire Andhra, E.Maharastra and chennai till 2-Jun..
Today, a circulation is seen over Chatisgarh, Orissa and N,N-E Andhra .. and another over E.Uttarpradesh..
NOGAPS model still does not support Arabian sea low. but COLA, IMD model suggests that the Arabian sea low will form & move towards Gujarat.
Goa will have Monsoon on 6-Jun !
Latest NOGAPS model says, that a Monsoon will set in over Kerala on afternoon of 1-Jun..
A weak W.D has reached W. Kashmir.. and it'll last for another 2 days.
As expected, a circulation has popped over W-central Arabian sea ..
Update on heat wave, bay and arabian system publishing tonite at 10 pm IST on vagaries.

Temperature over S,S-E peninsula (including chennai) will reduce by 2/3 deg C after 3-Jun ..
Today, the N.Bay circulation persists .. and it'll vanish in another 24 hrs..
Another WoW ... Nagpur records 41.0°C at 8:10pm .. a SUPER hot evening !!
WoW chennai - a HOT evening .. 37.0°C at 8:10pm
weatherofindia: Chennai - records another above 40 deg C at 1:10pm