Friday, May 06, 2011

India Monsoon Likely to Arrive On Time ...
3pm, Thunder showers again over S. Tamilnadu and S. Kerala . Signs of T.cells over Central and N-N-E Tamilnadu ...
Chennai - now 3:44pm, West and W-N-W Having Signs of Thunder cell formation... will it materialize ? All depends on the Sea breeze !
As the S-E central Bay UAC is expected to move N-E .. there's an odd chance of S-W style showers for S. tip Kerala, S.tip Tamilnadu on 7-May
A fresh W.D has started over Kashmir from today... No real showers seen so far, expected it to be a moderate one !
Chennai - 2:26pm... Weak Sea breeze sets in.. temp now is still at 40 deg C
Another Westerlies dip into S. peninsula expected from 7-May... will invoke more T.showers over W.ghats of Karnataka, Kerala, S. peninsula
RT @bcmpartnership: favourite app of the week , Weddar People-powered weather service. >> Weddar has to go a long way !
An UAC persists over S-E central Bay.. which is expected to move in N-E direction and die over S. Myanmar coast..
Chennai - now 2pm continues to have a temp of 41 deg C
Chennai - Touched a max of 41 deg C .. Super Hot... and now 1:30 its 40 deg C. Waiting for Sea breeze at around 2:30pm
On 5-May, highest maximum temperature of 45.0 C was recorded at Rentachintala (Andhra Pradesh).