Sunday, August 25, 2013

BB-10 has become an UAC over the MP/Gujarat border. Its clouding has "bloated'' And spread out over a larger area over North Mah and adjoining MP and Gujarat. But, precipitation is low, hence not much was expected from this.

Just for follow up reference trace our current blog back to the vagaries' article of 20th August: 
Repeat Post:"Storm "Trami" in the Pacific is now at 970 hpa strength, and just North of Taiwan. It has produced a strong trough in a SW direction, and has an embedded Low "pulse" at 998 mb and 107E and 20N, off Northern Vietnam Coast.. Keeping a track on this as it moves Westwards along the axis."

Yes, and move Westwards it did !  The pulse has entered the Bay, and on Sunday evening positoned off the Myanmar coast at 20N as an UAC at 700 hpa.

Forecast for next week put up...BB-11 and SWM Withdrawal..on vagaries
#Chennai - 3:38pm, having a #HOT day so far with less cloud formations and Deep blue skies. Temp at 3pm was 35 C. Wind is from East (Sea)

Weather for #India on 26,27,28-Aug

Today, the weak low, mid level circulation seen over central Madhyapradesh ... expected to vanish in 24hrs ... 
A weak low,mid level circulation also seen over N,N-E Bay ...
In next 24 to 36 hrs, the N,N-E Bay circulation will get strong and expected to drift West towards S. Bengal ... 
This N.Bay circulation is not expected to pop a sea level LOW in this process. 
During next 3 days the monsoon axis is expected to be aligned over North of India.

Forecast for 26,27,28-Aug-2013
By 28-Aug, Low,mid level circulation from N. Bay is expected to drift into N.Odisha, affecting S. Bengal, Chatisgarh 
On 28-Aug, an upper level circulation is expected along N-E. Andhra and S. Odisha .. and expected to move West.. 

Today evening moderate rain forecast for S. Karnataka, #Bangalore. And rain also expected for N,N-E. Tamilnadu, #Chennai after 8pm.
Before morning of Monday, moderate to heavy rain expected for S. Rajasthan, W,central. Madhyapradesh.
Till Monday evening rain expected for E,N-E. Rajasthan, #Jaipur, E,S-E. Madhyapradesh, N. Chatisgarh, S, coast Odisha.
After evening of 26-Aug to morning of Tuesday, scattered heavy rain for E,N-E. Maharastra, Odisha.
Morning to evening of 27-Aug, Rain for S. Uttarpradesh, N,N-E. Madhyapradesh, Heavy for S. Bangladesh, S. Bengal, most of Odisha.

On 27-Aug, rain also for N,central Chatisgarh, E. Madhyapradesh, S,S-W Bengal and E. Uttarpradesh.
From evening of 27-Aug, heavy rain for W,S. Odisha, most of Chatisgarh. 
Night of 27-Aug, into morning of 28-Aug is expected to be Wet for Chatisgarh, S. Odisha, N,N-E. Madhyapradesh, S, central Uttarpradesh
LESS or NO rain forecast for N,N-W India on 26,27-Aug.

Kerala Top 15 rainfall in this SWM from 01.06.2013 to 24.08.2013

Kerala is enjoying the monsoon of its life time even though its is having a dull August. Only Kuttiyadi has crossed 5000 mm mark and leads the Kerala toppers.

in mm

1.   Kuttiyadi, Kozhikode dt - 5162
2.   Panamkutty, Idukki dt  - 4000
3.   Chalakudy Dam, Thrissur dt - 3944
4.   Vadakara, Kozhikode dt - 3878
5.   Vythri, Wayanad dt - 3731
6.   Pookot Wayanad dt - 3657
7.   Piravom, Ernakulam dt - 3562
8.   Munnar, Idukki dt - 3514
9.   Irikkur, Kannur dt - 3500
10. Kannur, Kannur dt - 3188
11. Peermade, Idukki - 3153
12. Taliparamba, Kannur dt - 3128
13. Neeriyamangalam, Ernakulam dt - 3116
14. Idukki, Idukki dt - 3074
15. Thamarasery, Kozhikode dt - 3000

The rainfall data of heavy weights such as Walakkad, Pochippara, Silent Valley, Rajamalai, Lakkidi, Neelikkal and Sairandhri are not available. These places would have also found a place in the Kerala Toppers.