Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Clouds preparing for the monsoon

Going by the present prevailing wind pattern and other parameters. And by looking at the latest FULL satellite pic, it seems the "Monsoon" is getting cooked along the 5th Parallel over South-Arabian sea.

More cloud formations can be seen over Andaman sea.


Latest "Total percipitable water" chart also shows a increase in "energy" along the 5th parallel of south-arabian sea.

South west monsoon - predicted much earlier

Take a look at the latest NCEP percipitation forecast.

This suggests more rain activity (Monsoon like activity) to the South-west coast around 20-May-09.

Chennai missed a Thunder storm (video)

Chennai missed a Thunder storm yesterday (5-May-09) at around 10:30 pm.
From 4pm it was cloudy with High clouds moving in from west... those are remnants of a early thunder storm.
Chennai's western suburbs got some rain.
Going thru the latest satellite loop, shows that the thunder cells dissipated quiet quickly after 11pm.
This video shows lot's of thunder activity thru out the country.
New delhi also received some showers.

on 3-May-09, "Lightning, thunderstorm claim six lives in Bengal "

Altogether six people were killed in lightning and thunderstorm-related cases in three separate incidents in Malda district as Nor'wester hit the state this afternoon.

Additional District Magistrate Bipul Biswas said two persons were killed when lightning struck them at Manik Chowk under Mohanpur block. The deceased were yet to be identified, he added.

In another incident, two persons died on the spot when a tree fell on them at Kaliyachowk in the district, Mr Biswas said adding two more persons were killed in the related incident when their hutment, in which they were staying, collapsed on them due to strong winds at Englishbazaar in the district.

At least 200 hutments have been damaged by the storm, while mangoes and lichies amounting to Rs 20 lakh were damaged, he further informed.

The state witnessed season's first Nor'wester today which also brought much sought after relief to the denizens as raingod finally smiled on Kolkatans and Southern parts of West Bengal.

Cool Nor'wester speeding almost 40 to 60 km per hour along with thunderstorm and rain have significantly brought down the temperature.

Local Met office recorded the maximum temperature at 36 degree Celcius and minimum at 28 degress Celcius.

The state was reeling under heatwave-like condition for the past one month.

The much-awaited Nor'wester also forced a number of flights to defer landing at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International airport here, air port officials said adding they were directed by the Air Traffic Control (ATC) to "hold" and circle over the city and wait for the storm to abate.

Moreover, the Met officials forecast cloudy sky with rain and thundershowers towards the evening tomorrow