Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chennai - 11:10pm, t.showers moving n-e ... it'll touch n-w suburbs of city. Possibility of fresh t.cell to pop over s-w at around 50km

@NR_Tatvamasi .. Chennai - conditions are perfect now for the t.showers to travel east and cross into sea (crossing city).

#Chennai - 10:15pm,a massive thunder storm system is now nearing city. System is at 60km, covering from w-n-w to s-w .. http://ow.ly/i/L7F9

#chennai - 8:15pm, 2 major T.showers seen over S-W. one S-W of Kanchipuram its 100km S-W from city,Another South of madurantakam 100km S-S-W
RT @sajilgopinath: @weatherofindia.Twenty four hours and still going on,First monsoon rain at Banswara,South Rajasthan (8:15pm)

Hurricane Daniel

In early July 2012, two simultaneous hurricanes blew over the eastern Pacific Ocean: Hurricane Emilia and Hurricane Daniel. The first of the two storms to form, Daniel started as a tropical depression on July 4. The storm had strengthened to a Category 2 hurricane by 12:20 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on July 8, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color image. By that time, Daniel sported a distinct eye characteristic of hurricanes, and its spiral arms spanned hundreds of kilometers over the open ocean.
At 2:00 p.m. PDT on July 8, not long after MODIS acquired this image, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that Daniel was located roughly 1,120 miles (1,800 kilometers) west-southwest of the southern tip of Baja California. The storm had maximum sustained winds of 105 miles (165 kilometers) per hour.
By the following day, Daniel had weakened, though it remained a hurricane. At 8:00 a.m. PDT on July 9, Daniel had moved farther away from Baja California, and the storm’s wind speeds had dropped to 85 miles (140 kilometers) per hour. No hazards affected land as of July 9, the NHC reported, and Daniel was expected to weaken further as it continued moving westward.
Though the storm posed no threat to Mexico, it had the potential to bring unsettled weather to Hawaii. Daniel’s remnants were expected to pass south of the island chain around July 13, 2012, AccuWeather reported. Remnants of the storm might cause gusty winds, heavy rains, and even localized flash flooding.

Tropical Storm Emilia

As Daniel weakened over the eastern Pacific in early July 2012, Emilia strengthened. Emilia formed as a tropical depression on July 7, and within two days intensified to a Category 1 hurricane, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported. As of 2:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on July 9, Emilia was located roughly 760 miles (1,225 kilometers) south of the southern tip of Baja California, with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles (120 kilometers) per hour.
Emilia was still a tropical storm when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terrasatellite captured this natural-color image at 10:45 a.m. PDT on July 8. The storm had maximum sustained winds of 65 miles (100 kilometers) per hour, and was headed west-northwest, the NHC reported.
The NHC forecast that Emilia could become a major hurricane by July 10 as it continued moving westward over the Pacific Ocean. As of July 9, however, it posed no hazards to land.
RT @chirag_roshan: @weatherofindia Continiously Raining in Mehsana North Gujarat From Morning http://t.co/Y7phmKHV

RT @chirag_roshan: #ThreeWords To Describe @weatherofindia #rain #rain #rain http://t.co/lV4tvo6b >> Mehsana North Gujarat
RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia no signs of rain in Bangalore (6:23pm)
RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia rain countinues over #udaipur region, south rajasthan, more than 24 hrs, (3.30pm)

RT @ganpat000: @weatherofindia No rain in #delhi (4.00pm)

RT @akwaghmare:  No cognisable rain in #Pune for three days. 39% rain in June. E and NE parts seem to get everything this time.

RT @akwaghmare: The N-W parts of Maharashtra-Pune Nagar Aurangabad thru Nasik Dhule Nandurbar-are deprived of #rain. #Konkan is drenched. :)

RT @hiremathdarshan: It was quite sunny here today in N. Mumbai ! Unlike heavy rain yesterday (4:25pm)
#chennai - 3:58pm, good sea breeze from East upto a height of 0.6km above sea level. T.cells seen over N-W from city at 40.60km

#chennai - 4pm, showers seen just N-E of Thiruvallur ... at around 35km W-N-W from city.
RT @swaroopk: #weatherupdate Only clouds and no rains in #Hyderabad for few days now! @weatherofindia 
Widespread & Heavy rains forecast for N-E,S-E Gujarat, W,N-W,S-W Madhyapradesh for next 24 to 48 hrs.. http://ow.ly/i/L37n

Widespread Showers for E.India (Bihar, Jharkand, Bengal, Chatisgarh) to get heavy in another 24hrs and continue till 16-Jul and beyond.

In next 24hrs, the showers over North N-E states to become HEAVY and subsequently spread to ALL of N-E states by 13-Jul http://ow.ly/i/L38Y

After 14-Jul, COLA predicts that entire E.India, N-E states and entire S-E India will be under a good wet cover.. http://ow.ly/i/L39t

Meanwhile COLA models suggest a Break in monsoon along N-W,W, S-W coast from 13 to 16-Jul and beyond .. http://ow.ly/i/L3a2

#Bad #News for Assam as more Heavy, very Heavy widespread rains forecast for North N-E states from 12/13-Jul till 17-Jul and beyond. !!
Offshore trough has deepened slightly and exists from S.Gujarat coast to N.Kerala .. http://ow.ly/i/L2Ym

A low pressure system can be seen over N,W,central Madhyapradesh .. http://ow.ly/i/L2Ym

The offshore trough is expected to get weak from 12/13-Jul .. after that Less showers possible along S-W coast.. http://ow.ly/i/L30Q

Low pressure system & circulation at ALL levels can be seen over W,N-W,central Madhyapradesh.. http://ow.ly/i/L31b

A medium level circulation can be seen just S. of Gujarat coast.. http://ow.ly/i/L321

The N-E Arabian sea medium level circulation is expected to die along S-W Gujarat coast on 13-Jul .. http://ow.ly/i/L33B

Meanwhile the present circulation over W.MP will drift N-N-E into W.Uttarpradesh on 13-Jul.. http://ow.ly/i/L33B

The UAC over N-E Arabian sea will drift West and vanish over N-central Arabian sea on 13-Jul ... http://ow.ly/i/L34N 
#Bangalore - Today can expect Showers towards evening .. Good vertical velocity seen & moisture presence is also High.
12pm, Heavy rains seen over Gujarat, S.Rajasthan, Fresh rains popping over E.Rajasthan, S.Punjab, Orissa & Jharkand.. http://ow.ly/i/L2PS

12pm, Heavy rains along coastal Karnataka, N.central #Kerala as well... http://ow.ly/i/L2PS

Yesterday also N.Tamilnadu got some T.showers, showers were close to around 100km S-W of #chennai

#chennai - 1:07pm, is very HOT & Humid today, records 36.0°C at 12:40pm. Good cloud formations seen. Having signs of early sea breeze.

RT @chirag_roshan: @weatherofindia Raining From Early Morning in Mehsana North Gujarat Still Continue !! (1:07pm)

Today vertical.V will be high over Gujarat, S,E.Rajasthan, W,N.Madhyapradesh, Orissa, Chatisgarh & Karnataka coast.. http://ow.ly/i/L2TF

All thru the day, Vertical.V will be high along coast, S.Karnataka, N.Tamilnadu, N.MP, S.Andhra.. Heavy rains expected. http://ow.ly/i/L2UC

Vertical.V will be high along S.Andhra, N.Tamilnadu, #chennai from today evening till midnight, Heavy rains expected.. http://ow.ly/i/L2Vk 
On 9-Jul, highest maximum temperature of 43.6°C was recorded at Bikaner  (Rajasthan)

RT @aash_tvm: Aftr yestrday nite rain, Wet atmos at #trivandrum. But no rain! @weatherofindia

RT @rajugana: Baroda 8.50am, Dark, overcast sky with drizzling. Overnight Thunderstorm uprooted many trees .. a pic http://t.co/lKJcQGPq

RT @rajugana:  Baroda 11.00am, Fabulous monsoon weather, dark clouds and continous steady rain..a pic http://t.co/lwM9uuep 

RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 1.00am, Massive thundersquall crossing, with torrential downpour..Never seen such an intense one..