Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Showers to continue along S-E India for 2 days

Tomorrow evening, Rain again expected for E,S,S-E Gujarat and N-W Maharastra.
Wednesday evening, showers again for S,S-E Karnataka, #Bangalore, central W ghats of Kerala, N,central Tamilnadu and S,central Andhra.
Scattered heavy expected for N,central,S Maharastra after evening of 9-Oct.
Moderate showers for S,S-W,W Madhyapradesh expected after evening of 9-Oct.
Showers over S,S-E Gujarat, N-W,N-central Maharastra rain can be expected on Thursday as well.
Showers can be expected along central Tamilnadu coast during next 2 days.

If "90W" becomes a Cyclone over E-Central Bay in next 36hrs, the rainfall activity over peninsula is expected to become lean.
#Bangalore - more chance of T Showers for city on tomorrow evening, late evening.
#Chennai - will continue to be #HOT and Humid for next 2 days with a chance of moderate T showers towards evening, late evening.

"90W" in 36hrs it can be Cyclone Phailin

Latest analysis at 5:30pm, suggests that "90W" is now a marked LOW pressure system and gathering intensity on a rapid pace.
At present the pressure is around 1004mb and has tracked W-N-W, still in Andaman seas.
This is the latest location as per analysis.

Latest GFS model, suggests that the system will intensify into a Deep Depression in 24hrs and to Cyclone strength in 48hrs over E-Central Bay.

GFS and NCMRWF models now suggest a N-E Andhra coast and S Odisha coast landfall on midnight of Saturday, 12-Oct as Cyclone Phailin.
NAVGEM model suggests a Central, N-E Andhra coast as a Depression.
Here's the last visible satellite shot of "90W".. showing heavy convective activity near Center, W, N-W quadrant and over most of Andaman Islands.

Due to this system, HEAVY rain with HIGH winds expected over most of N,central Islands of Andaman during next 36hrs.

Rain in #Indore and Andaman Islands getting battered

#Kolkata - most of the day it was gloomy with light rain. A mini shower at around 6:34pm.

#Indore - 6:11pm, "its raining cats and dogs here in Indore for the past 3 hours"

HEAVY rain now over N,central,N-W,W Tamilnadu and over W Ghats of Kerala ... http://ow.ly/i/3mFGV 

#Chennai - 7:40pm, T Showers seen over S-W from city at around 100 to 200km. City had a #HOT and Humid day ... temp max was 35 C.

#Bangalore - Got a T shower at around early hrs of today and after that it was cloudy with mild drizzles around till noon.

RT @chetanishere: #Chennai - Today morning view from  Velachery home balcony @weatherofindia @weatherchannel http://t.co/9W6Goerhr9 

8pm, HEAVY T-showers over N,central Andhra, scattered over S,S-E,E Maharastra, N,S,S-E Gujarat, S,S-W Madhyapradesh http://ow.ly/i/3mICA 
8pm, Heavy rain also over S Chatisgarh, S,central Odisha and ANDAMAN islands getting battered by "90W" LOW http://ow.ly/i/3mICA

Chennai - 11:13am, early T cell seen over N-W from city.. photo .. http://ow.ly/i/3mt0B

RT @IamKanal: Heavy Devil Rain at Kochi for last 2 hours.Roads full of water. @WeatherOfindia
11:07pm, 7-Oct