Sunday, June 22, 2014

Today, the upper-level W.D trough is seen upto N-W India (N,N-W Rajasthan) ... 
During next 42 hrs, this W.D trough will drift East and can drop South upto E Rajasthan, W,N-W Madhyapradesh ... 

Due to this W.D, scattered rain expected over Haryana, Punjab, N,N-E Rajasthan, Himachal, Uttarakhand, W,central UP 
S,central Kashmir is expected to get more rain during next 2 days!
During next 2 days, some T showers expected over N,N-E Madhyapradesh.
And T showers also expected over central, E Uttarpradesh as well.
#Chennai - 3:40pm, Mini showers are popping over W,N-W at around 30 to 60km from city.
These showers will pass across city and suburbs.

#Chennai - yesterday, max temp touched 39.2 C.
Nungambakkam = 2.8mm
Airport = 10.4mm
IWM Polichalur = 6.3mm

2:30pm, Showers seen along Karnataka coast and MOST of West, S-W coast is dry ... 
2:30pm, Most of Bengal is cloudy with some showers around ...

Latest GFS expects that entire W,S-W coast is in for very LESS rain during next 3 or 4 days (till 26-Jun).

In the East.
Today, the mid,upper-level circulation is seen over N-central Bengal and Bangladesh ... 
This circulation is expected to weaken and drift into N-central zone of N-E states of India in next 42hrs ... 
Widespread rain expected to persist over N Bengal, Sikkim and over N,central zones of N-E states during next 2 days.
S,central Bengal, S Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha is in for less rain from tomorrow till 24-Jun !

Weather Instagram at June 22, 2014 at 02:20PM

#chennai - 2:15pm, a hazy and humid day. Again showers expected after 5pm. #weather

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