Friday, October 04, 2013

Madhyapradesh circulation persists and may drift into S Uttarpradesh !

Evening analysis show both N-central Madhyapradesh and central Maharastra coast circulation persists !
By Sunday, the circulation is expected to drift into S,S-E Uttarpradesh almost with same strength !!
In the meantime, the off-shore trough and Maharastra coast circulation is expected to fizzle out by tomorrow evening !
By tomorrow, a weak off-shore trough is expected along Karnataka coast.

More HEAVY and widespread rain ahead for S,S-E,E Uttarpradesh before tomorrow evening.
Tomorrow, the HEAVY rain will push into W, central Bihar and some into N Bengal as well.
Before evening of 5-Oct, scattered rain also for N,N-E Andhra, Odisha, S Bengal, N,N-W Madhyapradesh and S-E Rajasthan.

Due to Maharastra coast circulation and off-shore trough, Rain to continue along S,central Maharastra coast, Goa, N,central Karnataka coast
Tomorrow, moderate showers expected over S,S-W Maharastra.

Belgaum - 6:20pm, "On and off showers continue over Belgaum, looks like once again monsoon has returned with cool breeze"

#Kolkata - today experienced a overcast day with some light rain. DumDum zone got a good sharp shower.

#Bangalore - 5:30pm, "a clear day"...  >> almost the same of #Chennai as well !

Madhyapradesh circulation persists !

Analysis show that, circulation along central coast of Maharastra and off-shore trough upto Goa, N Karnataka coast persists.

And the circulation over N-central Madhyapradesh also persists... 

Present N-central madhyapradesh circulation is expected to re-curve N-E into S Uttarpradesh in next 24hrs .. 

The circulation may fizzle out over S-E Uttarpradesh on Sunday !
The off-shore along S Maharastra coast, #Goa will sustain till Saturday evening.
RT @9841375656: @weatherofindia sunny morning in Chennai . (9:15am)

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 12.50pm, Clear skies, bright sunshine, warm and breezy. Morning Sky pic @ Varthur lake 

#Chennai - 3:10pm, "Lots of Sunshine and Warm". Temperature around 33 C with almost Zero clouds ! 
#Chennai - Rainfall stats till 8:30am today, Nungambakkam = 4.7mm and Airport = 25mm.
Polichalur zone got 3 round of heavy rain yesterday !

3pm, Showers continue over E,central,N Maharastra, E Madhyapradesh and into S,S-E Uttarpradesh ... 
3pm, Due to Arabian sea Off-shore trough... showers seen along S,central-coast Maharastra and into #Goa...

#HOT at 3:30pm, Ahmedabad = 35 C (feels like 43.4 C) and Tiruchirapalli = 37 C (feels like 41 C). #Delhi airport has reported T showers, 3pm