Monday, April 23, 2012

chennai - showers came close, it was there at 120km S-E of city.. now 7pm its dead.. but more real chances of rain tomorrow!
6:30pm, What's happening over Kerala, S.Tamilnadu ??.. Showers came close to chennai coast, now it's dead..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 5.30pm, Clear sky, Sunny, hot & windy day.
RT @_inba: Happy to see Coimbatore with grey clouds ! Hope it will rain :-) (4:27pm)
Coimbatore - METAR is reporting a T.shower around at 4:30pm
4:10p,, Trivandrum airport is reporting a T.shower !
Today, The CAPE factor is high along Tamilnadu coast and Kerala ... and expected to be high for next 3 days.
chennai - 4:05pm, Showers seen over E-S-E.. 120km away over Bay.. These clouds are seen slowly approaching City for past 1hr.
3:30pm, lot's of T.showers have broken out over S.Tamilnadu, and entire Kerala.. and showers nearing N.Tamilnadu coast.
Present weak W.D will persist over Kashmir, Himachal till 27-Apr. And scattered showers over entire N-E states will continue till month end.
Widespread T.showers forecast for S,central Tamilnadu, S. Kerala from tomorrow till 26-Apr..
For next 7 days till 28-Apr, HOT conditions will be over central,E-central India.
The circulation is expected to persist over entire S,central Tamilnadu from 24-Apr till 26-Apr.. Heavy rain forecast..
Here's the COLA model forecast of the Circulation in next 24hrs..
The circulation & moisture will reach Central.Tamilnadu coast in another 12 hrs.. then persist over S.Tamilnadu for 2 days.
In 24hrs, Moisture and the circulation will be over Central.Tamilnadu coast .. Heavy T.showers expected over S,central,coastal Tamilnadu
2pm, T.showers seen over S. kerala, S.tip Tamilnadu, Very active Gulf Mannar... All these due to the circulation ...
Lot's of T.showers seen over Bay, 150km E,S-E of City... Showers may be expected over chennai from tonight or tomorrow.
chennai - a lonely Thunder cell visible around 50km S-S-W of city. 3pm
chennai - is witnessing a weather change... DEEP blue skies now with strong breeze from East, Thunder cells visible over Bay !
On 22-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 43.0°C was recorded at Titlagarh (Orissa) and Rentachintala(Andhra Pradesh)
Heavy T.showers forecast for S.kerala, S,central.Tamilnadu today as the S-W.Bay circulation persists.