Friday, August 17, 2012

Heavy Showers along Kerala & Karnataka coast to last for next 36hrs and go down gradually till 22-Aug.
RT @iaravindh: @weatherofindia heavy downpour in Bangalore Cantonment (8:45pm)

Today, the UAC over N.Bay is seen near Orissa coast...

N.Bay UAC is expected to track West into Orissa and vanish in another 24hrs !

On 19-Aug, a surprise UAC is expected near S.Andhra coast ...

Upcoming UAC along S.Andhra coast is expected track W-S-W into S.Karnataka on 20/21-Aug..
RT @js_miranda: @weatherofindia pouring rain in egmore! #chennai 8:24pm
@sribalakumar >> Follow @weatherofindia  for weather forecast of India. Real time forecasts & reports are only available for #Chennai
RT @ranganaathan: @weatherofindia Heavy rains started in T-Nagar, #chennai now 8:13pm
RT @vasuphani: @weatherofindia Raining heavily in Pallavaram #Chennai (8:09pm)
RT @dsanjeevkumar: @weatherofindia #Chennai #Guindy - It started raining here now.. 19.55hrs.

RT @arulperumal: Cool..!! Raining in #Villivakkam..!!! #Chennai (7:59pm)
#chennai - High winds and started raining in Polichalur zone, 7:55pm
#chennai - Heavy rains approaching West, S-W suburbs in another 15/30 min !
#chennai - 6:52pm, good sharp showers over Arakkonam zone.. now at around 65km West from city.
#chennai - 6:52pm, good sharp showers over Arakkonam zone.. now at around 65km West from city.
Today, the western end of monsoon axis is more towards Himalayan foot hills.. it's expected to drift South from 18/19-Aug

N.Bay is having a low level circulation and it's expected to drift inland on 19-Aug thru Orissa coast ..

By 21-Aug, the low circulation is expected to be over E.Madhyapradesh & N.Chatisgarh .. 
Today the N.Bay LOW is slowly taking shape ...

Offshore trough along S-W coast is weak, bit strong near Karnataka & N.Kerala coast ..

The N.Bay LOW will take shape in next 2 days and move inland thru N-E.Orissa on 20-Aug.. 
RT @ambaarsaria: @weatherofindia rained good here at Amritsar (5:43pm)
RT @aash_tvm: heavy rain in south kerala frm early mrng till noon. Landslide in erattupetta&kothamangalam. 6 missing. One body found.
RT @rahulpilot: @weatherofindia Its been a rainy day all day today! in #Mangalore (4:45pm)
RT @rajugana:  Bangalore 4.10pm, Dark cloud formation and it is drizzling right now. It was dry for the past 4 days. 
RT @saanpaurseedi: To beat drought, Mumbai will take Israel `s help for Artificial rain / cloud seeding 
2:30pm, Expected widespread Heavy rains over most of #Kerala continues and showers seen over S.Karnataka coast as well..

2:30pm, Due to fresh N.Bay circulation, Heavy & widespread rains over Orissa and moving into Chatisgarh..

2:30pm, Isolated T.showers seen over N-central Tamilnadu and towards East...
RT @rangith: Non stop #rain since last night. #monsoon #kerala #india (1:23pm)

RT @ajithshankara: Right now i'm in Northern Kerala (India) , drinking Masala Chai & enjoying the monsoon rain ! (1:24pm)
#chennai - having a Clear & HOT day so far 3pm, Now a good low level sea breeze has set in from East.

Today as well isolated showers possible over S-central,Central Tamilnadu and scattered over N,N-E.Tamilnadu & #chennai .
RT @rajeshpp2: @weatherofindia Torrential rains here in Alleppey,Kerala  (12:23pm)