Sunday, December 06, 2009

RT @gujarattimes: Gujarat Times 13 more swine flu deaths in India, toll goes up to 621 - NetIndian: SI..
Gujarat Times .. All GFS models suggest a wet Dec-9,10,11,12 for North TN coast ..During that time MJO will be moving to wet phase
Low pressure system is consolidating to have a center at approx 800 km South-East of Chennai ..
Discuss about "India's: Climate & Weather + Global Warming" in our New Discussion Forum. Join Now ..
Discuss about "India's: Climate & Weather + Global Warming" in our New Discussion Forum. Join Now ..
Chennai - 100% chance of intermittent sharp showers on 10-Dec-09
Chennai - 60% chance that the Rain will start from early morning of 7-Dec.. and 80% chance of rain on 8-Dec.. and 90% on 9-Dec.
The LOW over Bay, at the most will become as a Depression before making Land fall on 11-Dec-09 .
North TN coast and Chennai going to get Very Heavy showers due to the upcoming LOW from Bay on 12-Dec ..
LOW moving North into Bay can be 90% ruled out at this movement .. .. This High pressure over central India will not allow the LOW pressure system to move North into Bay.
Super High pressure OR Anti Cyclone is Stable over Central India for more than 2 weeks now ..
Now:: LOW over Bay, Cyclonic circulation extends from low altitude to higher atmosphere ..
LOW over south-central Bay is materializing, Huge cloud formation over Bay just East-north-east of Srilanka ..
Lesser known places in Tamilnadu .. "Manjolai - Kodayar" ..

Manjolai - Kodayar

Mr.Robert Manjolai, a man I got acquainted through the web, made this trip happen. As I have stated in my previous post, I was determined to drive past Manimuthar dam for Upper Kodayar. While I was busy searching for details regarding Manjolai and Upper Kodayar ,which falls within Kalakkad – Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR) , hit upon this man, who had made avail his contact no., on the net, offering all details regarding Manjolai. He was born and brought up at Manjolai and now a legal practitioner at Madurai. Rang him up and he offered every help that he could extent. Would you believe that, it even included a free stay at his relative’s residence, inside Manimuthar tea estate. For the required permission from the Forest dept., I directly contacted the Range Officer, Ambasamudram, and he turned down my request, stating possibility of forest fire, as a reason. Using other contacts, I had a forest dept. official from Trivandrum, ring him up again, and now he conceded. However, the request for a night’s stay in the guest house, within the reserve, was declined as it wasn’t available on the day of our travel. Contacted Robert again and he connected me with Mr. Moses, a social worker at Ambasamudram, who had roots at Nalumukku, within the Tiger reserve. Moses offered night stay in a line house close to that of his brother’s, who worked in Nalumukku Tea Estate. All these were done on the previous day, of our planned date of travel. And I and Manu started off, in his Paleo 1.3 multijet, by 7 in the morning, 8-03-09. Took the same route, I have explained in detail in my earlier post, and reached Kallidakurichi, near Ambasamudram, by 12 noon. Had to wait a little for Moses to arrive. Moses confirmed the place of stay and asked us to meet one Mr.Nehru, who runs an STD booth at Nalumukku. This booth, using a WLL phone, is the loan means of electronic communication for the workers within KMTR. We packed our lunch, bought some broiler for night, and went ahead for KMTR. We didn’t have much problem at the forest check post at Manimuthar dam, as the R.O. had informed them earlier, of our visit. Had a refreshing bath at Manimuthar falls and went on slowly, negotiating the pot holes and keeping a close watch on the wild beauty of KMTR. Had a small stop on the way, to have our packed lunch, taking utmost care not to leave a single piece of plastic around. After an hours climb, the dense woods slowly transformed to beautiful tea plantations.

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Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary ..
Upper Kodayar .. is 1312 m Above Sea Level
Upper Kodayar (one of wettest place in south India) receives 161 days and 366 cm of Rainfall.
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COLA predicting the movement of LOW pressure .. 48hrs .. .. 120hrs ..
South-west Kerala also received some more showers ..While Tamilnadu is with Clear skies .. .. Heavy formation over East, north-east and south-east of Srilanka. Arabian sea circulation still persists.
Cylconic circulation over south-East Bay is expected to consolidate and move in west-north-west ..
High Indian food prices may raise inflationary worries: RBI ..
After Moon, India aims for Mars ..
Climate is about the money ..
Chennai - Dark blue skies always refer to a NEW weather front approaching.
Chennai - Cold morning.. 22.4°C (6:30am), now 10:48am clear DARK blue skies and sunny.