Sunday, February 05, 2012

chennai - Wind direction will change to East from 7-Feb, so High humidity and day temp. can touch 30 Deg C from 7-Feb.
chennai - had a cold morning.. 20.7°C (6:23am)... and temp. now 7:21pm is 25.7°C
W.D active over Kashmir, Himachal and W,N-E. Srilanka getting heavy showers due to easterlies..
@seeknsave >> Mumbai will have mild day (28 Deg C)and night from 6-Feb to 9-Feb... it may reach 33 deg C on 11/12-Feb..
Present W.D will travel over Nepal and reach Sikkim, N.Bengal on 8/9-Feb.. Heavy rain expected ..
Easterlies is strong over N-E. Srilanka, some showers possible for S.Tamilnadu on 6,7-Feb..
Monday will see the last of W.D snow/rain over Kashmir, Himachal .. rain may continue over Uttarakand till 7-Feb..
Rain / snow recorded till 8:30am, 5-Feb ...
Heavy snowfall in Kashmir ...
BBC predicts a fall in minimum temperature to 5°C degree Celsius in Delhi on Wednesday..
Severe cold wave will enter into Kashmir, N-W, N. India from tomorrow evening.. Day and Night temps. will go down till 10-Feb !!
Severe cold wave is nearing N-W India, now over Afghanisthan and Pakistan ..
Today's analysis show that W.D is active over Kashmir, Himachal ..
Upper level humidity map of 4-Feb shows .. heavy moisture over North and S.extreme of India ..