Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aftershocks continue over that zone .. more that 15 shocks ALL above 5 magnitude has recorded since 5pm..
More heavy rains for S.Bengal, Bangladesh, N-E states till 17-Apr and beyond...
Most of India will have wet spells from tomorrow till 16-Apr.. especially Kal-Baisaaki over N, N-W, E.central India..
HEAT all over India will be on lower side from 14-Apr to 16-Apr... it'll pick up again ...
More moisture will be pushed into Kerala, S.Tamilnadu and N.Bay Anti-cyclone will push moisture into S-E India..
S-S-E Bay circulation will persist for another 2/3 days and vanish .!
Strong circulation seen over S-S-E Bay, 1 anti-cyclone over N.Bay and another over N.Arabian sea..
RT @bheemaupadhyaya: @weatherofindia there is some cool breeze in south west Bangalore, feels good ! (8:21pm)
RT @shobankr: ... Heavy rainfall in Trivandrum and most of the roads are flooded.had a tough time driving back from office (7:39pm)
RT @premasankar: The smell of rain. nothinglikeit. Raining now in Trivandrum,Kerala. (7:19pm)
RT @cijoaj2003: Cochin rains !! Heavy rain and thunderstorm in Cochin, Kerala. (6:46pm)
After shocks continue in that zone, around 6 shocks witnessed above 5 magnitude after 4:13pm India.
After shocks continue in that zone, around 6 shocks witnessed above 5 magnitude after 4:13pm India.
Tsunami watch cancelled .. >> 6:06pm
India withdraws tsunami warning ! source : NDTV
3 more earthquakes in that same zone measured at 5.4, 5.3, 5.7 .. last one was at 5:23pm
RT @spiritrider1: breakingnews Third Quake 8.3 felt in Indonesia ocean
Indonesia sea water recede 10 meters in Azh coast
RT @aakashlpin: Rofl. RT @Sandhya_Iyer: Chennai people throng the beaches to watch tsunami
RT @saifarash: @weatherofindia Earthquake Tremors again in Kerala 4.16pm Kochi
earthquake .. M8.2 - Off The West Coast Of Northern Sumatra at 4:13pm
Realtime Earthquake map from USGS ...
T.showers seen over S.Kerala, S.Tamilnadu, S-central.Karnataka, W,N-W.Andhra, Orissa, Haryana, N.Rajasthan..
RT @rajsrinix: Earthquake in Chennai, Ascendas it park evacuated. We felt the tremor for the second time now. 4:51pm
RT @imishaal: Tremors again in Chennai!! And confirmed, Leaving office RIGHT Now!! Called the day OFF
RT @ticketnew: Chennai, We felt another one few mins back.. did you again feel the tremors ?
After 2 hrs, NO sighting of tsunami anywhere yet !
RT @ranganaathan: another tremor now felt in chennai, mild but yes (4:19pm)
Latest Tsunami watch bulletin ..
Tsunami warning for S-E India coast may be lifted in another 15 to 30 min !
tsunami , a 45cm height wave has hit campbell bay (Great Nicobar), Andaman Islands.
Latest Tsunami warning
# Tsunami LIVE coverage by NDTV ..
Large Aceh quake triggers Indian Ocean tsunami warning ..
RT @DelAlpha just checked the data. Expected arrival time in Chennai for the tsunami is 5 PM Please spread the word. More details soon.
Tsunami warning ..
RT @saifarash 12:26pm Clear blue skies 12pm,increasing clouds with some scattered Tstorms late. Malappuram Kerala
RT @rajugana: Baroda 1.30pm, Windy, hot & sunny. Cool breeze overnight. Today also some cirrus clouds... a pic
RT @saifarash: @weatherofindia Magnitude 8.9 earthquake recorded in Indonesia tremors felt across India Kozhikode, Kochi, Thiruvanandapuram