Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Surprise Day in January!

What a surprise we woke up with slight drizzle.
No DEW around.
Temperature was mild with some slight breeze blowing from NORTH.
In the morning it was partly cloudy and with some signs of MORE drizzle.
Today thru the day we recorded high 91%
Now (4:43PM) it's drizzling mild and steady.
More drizzles and even a mild shower is forecast for late evening. And from tomorrow morning this weather pattern will slowly move away.
Going by the latest Visible & IR satellite image...

We can see some mild cloud cover can be seen over most of North-Tamilnadu and South-Andhra.
This is causing some local formations and that too weak in nature.
We can expect this weather pattern for next 24 hrs and melt away.
Latest numeric models suggest... more rain for Southern Tamilnadu.