Sunday, May 30, 2010

94 A

30 May 2010 / 1200 UTC

There is a circulation in SW Arabian sea to West Central Arabian sea. As Shri.Pradeep pointed out the SW winds will be strongly circulating around this point. There will be a void in rainfall in Kerala when this system is picking up. But Bay will be active and continue to give rainfall in the eastern side of India including TN.

Nagercoil - sharp mild showers started from 3:30pm.. it'll intensify into night .
coastal karnataka & kerala getting intermittent sharp showers.
chennai - temp. now 2:22pm is at a moderate 33.8 deg C with good sea breeze from E-S-E
nagercoil - bright & sunny now 2:17pm with lots of low cloud movement from W-S-W. And wind from S-W. Showers expected after 5pm.
12:30pm, less showers over kerala, thunder cell over Orissa & Andhra border ..
Chennai - since Sea breeze has set in very early temp. is goin down fast. now 1:23pm its at 36 deg C
chennai - touched a max of 39.9 °C (12:59pm) & now sea breeze has set in early .

Somali pirates and SWM onset.

Day before yesterday [28.5.2010] it was announced that Somali pirates sneaked into Indian waters in Arabian sea near Minicoy. This was an indication that the cross equtorial flow was gaining strength. [That is why the pirates were drifted towards Minicoy island in Arabian sea]
But to day there is no strong monsoonal currents visible near somali coast. Hopefully waiting.
Nagercoil - No rain now .. wind & low cloud direction is from S-W. more showers expected towards evening.
Nagercoil - travelling towards nagercoil & into sharp showers .. monsoon is here !
Crossing one of india's windy places "aralvaimoli" ..