Thursday, November 28, 2013

LEHAR - "The wind speed was only 50 kph" official now.

LEHAR - showers now (5pm) seen pushing into central,N-central Andhra ... 
#Hyderabad - 5:45pm, light rain / drizzles seen over E,S-E of city at around 60km ... 

Indian cyclone weakens, authorities say no threat ..."The wind speed was only 50 kph" 

RT @svellika: 6:20 p.m. No rain yet in Secunderabad. Cloudy skies prevailed since 3 p.m. Then, bright sunshine at 5. Slightly humid. 

A strong easterlies has entered into S-E corner Bay,. this is expected to pop a fresh circulation over S Bay in 36hrs 
Expected to be an active December first week over South Bay ! LOW and even a Cyclone is expected !
Upcoming easterlies is expected to give widespread rain for entire Tamilnadu coast , #Chennai from Saturday !

Fast dissipating Depression "LEHAR"

Depression LEHAR seen thru satellite visible shot at 1:30pm ... HEAVY rain over Ongole zones ... 
1:30pm, visible shot shows that #Chennai high cloud cover is due to LEHAR's southern outer bands ... LESS convective activity seen !
The entire depression LEHAR is expected to dissipate along coast itself in next 12 to 18hrs.

Cyclone LEHAR crossed Central Andhra coast as Depression !!

2pm, Cyclone Lehar weakened to a Depression and crossed into central Andhra coast ... 
2pm, HEAVY, moderate rain has pushed into central Andhra coast ... 

#Chennai - 2:35pm, High cloud cover continues ... DRY and mild weather.