Thursday, October 23, 2008

Heavy rain and a Break !

For yesterday (22-Oct-08) morning till 10:30 AM it was raining heavy, some times very heavy.
T.Nagar and other parts are partly flooded.
At around 10:40 sun came out bright and it had signs of clearing.
But after 11:30 AM the sky became gloomy and heavy, then it started drizzling heavy and it stopped at around 4:30 PM.
After that drizzle the low level air current changed direction to North-West.
Please note: Once the air-current changes to North-west all the rain activity will reduce to ZERO.

Now (23-Oct-08, 2:15 PM), till now the wind is in North-West-North.
So no sign of Rain yet...!
Look at the latest satellite pic...

we can see two formations, one near "Kerala" and another near "Andhra".
And another likelyhood is VERY near to North-Tamilnadu.
Overall, there was heavy rains thru out Tamilnadu.