Friday, November 22, 2013

Helen dissipated

Helen at last dissipated by crossing coast 12 km SSE of NARASAPUR at 16 Deg 19 Min North & 81 Deg 41 Min East between 1130 hrs IST to 1430 hrs IST

SN     PLACE                     TIME(IST)      LAT   LON   WIND            MSLP                       SLP DROP
01    MACHILIPATINAM     1130           16.1    81.1    315/15KT    1003.7 hPa               [-] 3.7hPa

02   KAKINADA                    1130          16.5     82.0    070/08KT    1009.6hPa               PLUS 1.7hPa

03 MACHILIPATINAM        1430            16.1    81.1    090/18KT    1003.8hPa              [-] 0.7 hPa

04 KAKINADA                     1430             16.5    82.0    110/05KT    1008.1hPa             PLUS 4.0hPa

  • As it entered cold water near coast no vertical development is seen. 
  • The cloud top temperature was only -17 Deg C
  • However lateral cloud formation in the relatively warm ocean current towards East was observed
  • Rapid dissipation while crossing occurred 
#Kolkata - 2:56pm, "Cloudy now over DumDum zone"

#Chennai - 3pm, HEAVY rain seen over zones S,S-W,S-E of Tambaram... and pushing South.

An upper level W.D trough is expected to give scattered rain/snow for Kashmir. And nothing much is expected from this system for other zones

Today, a fresh circulation has pushed into S-E corner Bay ... this is expected to intensify as well in next 2 days ! 

more details coming up

2:30pm, T showers has popped up "again" over S Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu.. these expected to continue tomorrow as well.
2:30pm, Satellite IR indicate, HEAVY rain along N Andhra coast ... and the remnant has not pushed inland ... 

2pm, #Helen , Crossed and rapid dissipation observed and HEAVY rain ALL along central, N Andhra coast... 

#Chennai - light rain, #Helen effect !

#Chennai - 1:37pm, Drizzle over Polichalur zone. Very localized light rain now. #Helen effect

BK_47771:07pm via Web
@weatherofindia drizzling started here in kilpauk chennai !

So, is #Helen coming to #Chennai? It's so cloudy here! @chennaiweather@weatherofindia

@weatherofindia @chennaiweather Light rain in vadapalani #chennai now...#CycloneHeleneffect?

Hey guys suddenly its raining at Tharamani#Chennai #Helen effect... ??? @chennaiweather @weatherofindia

Posted Friday Morning @11.30 am IST:

As per detailed Sat Imagery and estimate of system centre, as on 05Z/22,  it could be put to conclusion that the centre of the severe cyclone Helen, has crossed the coast of Andhra Pradesh (India) near 16.2N and 81.4E, near the town of Narsapur 16.2N and 81.4E). As the system weakened slightly prior to touching coast, prevailing winds are strong at 55 knts ,and pressure maintained at 990 mb. Absence of high rising clouds prevalent, as cloud top temperatures are lower at centre is -16c.

Very heavy rains now likely on Friday in Central and Northern coastal AP..upto 150-175 mms next 24 hrs. As clouds will spread, Andhra Pradesh will get good precipitation in the interiors ranging from 30-100 mms. Hyderabad will get heavy showers from Friday.

Rains spread to Southern Maharashtra and N.I.Karnataka on saturday.
Cloud bands will stretch to the NE and cover Odisha and Kolkata.

Another Low forms in the Southern Bay on Friday evening, around the 10N 95E region. Initially, parameters show the system (BB-20) heading WNW towards Southern Andaman Islands.
If the system remains South of 12/13N till the 86E region, there is a chance of it turning WSW (towards Chennai). If it moves above 12/13N, and comes west of 86E, it  would move NW then.

Meanwhile, the WD over UAE/Oman is moving East into Pakistan. Northern and Central Pakistan can get rain from Friday thru Sunday. Heavy rains expected in the North.
Cities in Sindh like Hyderabad, Nawabshah and Sukkar can also expect showers. Karachi will be partly cloudy with light showers expected on Saturday.
WD in India will be restricted to the Northern hilly states.

Helen - making landfall near Machilipatnam now

RT @gbhimani: Landed in Vizag. Tough to think of even playing football here at the moment. #helen (9:43am)

10am, Cyclone Helen, Almost crossing into Machilipatnam coast ... 
Helen, Weakened now with pressure around 992mb, and winds gusting to 100 kmph.

9:30am, Satellite visible shot of Cyclone HELEN ... 

Disaster prepardness at YENAM

DATE: 22 NOV 2013
TIME:  0030 UTC
16 DEG 08 MIN 54 SEC / NORTH
82 DEG 31 MIN 28 SEC / EAST
Courtesy: CIMSS
[1] Government of Puducherry must take adequate disaster preparedness at YENAM since the expected land fall may be closer to it.

Helen - Slowly pushing inland !

11pm, Cyclone HELEN is slowly pushing inland thru coastline between Machilipatnam and Kakinada, with winds of 130kmph 
Helen, now, Heavy rain, high winds pushing into coastline. 11:50pm, the EYE/center is around 150km S-S-E from Kakinada, E from Machilipatnam
Helen - even when the system is encountering land terrain, the Cyclone is maintaining its intensity with pressure around 978mb, Winds 135kph
In next 10hrs, there's a chance that Helen may drift West and take a direct hit over Machilipatnam itself.
People take care !