Friday, April 23, 2010

Nervous IMD issues a "A vague South west Monsoon forecast again"... But, IS it possible to predict it even more specific OR clear ??
RT @rajesh26: IMD forecast like a deflated baloon.Vague hazy unclear and too general.Its a1959 type frcst.not region specific at all.
RT @AboutIndia: The most spectacular elephant festival in Kerala is on tomorrow! Find out more about it here.
RT @Arunshah: Raining heavily wt scary Thunder nd Lightning...!!
8pm, Showers again over Assam, N-E Andhra, S Karnataka, and S. central Kerala..
3:30pm, Thunder showers over Orissa, S-W Karnataka, South extreme Kerala and Tamilnadu ..
UK experts resolve Himalayan climate riddle ..
** FLASH NEW ** IMD : Long Range Forecast For 2010 South-west Monsoon Season Rainfall ..
Study :: Heavy snowfall over Himalayas makes drought over India more likely‎ ...
Cherapunji ...
Historical rainfall across the Asian region documented for the first time. ..
India's farmers brace for monsoon forecast after drought‎ ...
IMD :: Long Range Forecast(LRF) for Southwest Monsoon 2010 to be released at 4pm


363.2 mm on Tuesday
156.2 mm on wednesday
288.2 mm on Thursday

2010 toppers till 22.04.2010
Cherrapunji 286 cm a mindblowing 2243% above normal.
Silchar 82 cm
Itanagar 67 cm
Passighat 66 cm
Dibrugarh 66 cm
Gangtok 55 cm

the world record for maximum rainfall in a calender year is 24,555.3mm in 1974 by Cherrapunji

there is a huge chance of it being broken if this continues

Here is 30 year annual rainfall data for cherrapunji from 1973 till 2003
Chennai - Touched a moderate 35.1°C (12:33pm).. Meenambakkam Airport will be 2 or 1 deg C higher.
On 22-Apr, Ramagundam recorded the highest maximum temperature of 45 degree Celsius in SOuth India
Rain on 22-Apr, over south India.. Punganur (Chittoor dt) 5, Hangal (Haveri dt), Madikeri and Bangarpet (Kolar dt) 3 CM each
3Pm, Showers over South Extreme Tamilnadu and Kerala ...
2pm, Thunder activity over S. Gulf Mannar, South extreme Tamilnadu, Kerala, Central Andhra, Orissa and S. Chatisgarh..
12:30pm, Signs of thunder storms over central Andhra, Orissa and S. Chatisgarh ..
Heavy rain in N-E states ..

Heavy Rain in Eastern India

Heavy rains struck the Indian state of Assam for six consecutive days in mid-April 2010, according to the Press Trust of India. A lightning strike killed one person, and repeated downpours flooded urban and rural areas of the state.
This color-coded image shows estimated rainfall amounts from April 14–20, 2010. Lowest amounts (less than 75 millimeters or 3 inches) appear in pale green, and heaviest amounts (more than 600 millimeters or roughly 24 inches) appear in dark blue. Assam lies northeast of Bangladesh, and high rainfall amounts appear throughout eastern India. Especially heavy rain occurs along the border between Bangladesh and eastern India. In one area immediately east of the India-Bangladesh border, rainfall reaches or exceeds 600 millimeters.
This image is based on data from the Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis produced at Goddard Space Flight Center, which estimates rainfall by combining measurements from many satellites and calibrating them using rainfall measurements from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite.
Weather Wonder - Rainest Places on Earth ..
Today :: IMD will issue the much-awaited southwest monsoon forecast for this season.
Eyjafjallajökull Volcano has quieted considerably over the past few days.
Global warming impact on its way to Met office reports..
INFO :: "Earth Day" ..
INFO :: "World Meteorological Day" ..
Dust storm sweeps northern India ..
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia; Baroda- Crystal clear blue skies, not an iota of cloud at sight.. hot and mildly breezy...
Isolated thundersquall may occur over Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal & Sikkim during next 48 hours
On 22-Apr, highest maximum temperature of 45.3°C was recorded at Bankura (West Bengal).
Trough from southeast Vidarbha to Comorin area across Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu in lower levels persists.
Early morning, Lots of thunder activity over South-east corner of Arabian sea along extreme peninsula..
Chennai - on 22-Apr, recorded a moderate high of 35.6°C (12:05pm)
RT @rajesh26: no clouds over Mah. Mumbai 10% clouds today with humid 34c max.Min also a bit lower at 25c.Thane 38.4c today as per AWS.