Monday, October 13, 2014

N-E Monsoon is near !

An easterlies is expected to push into E-S-E Bay on 15-Oct ... and expected to push towards Tamilnadu coast.. 

A weak N-E monsoon current is expected to reach N,central Tamilnadu coast on 17-Oct !!

2:30pm, HudHud has degraded rapidly, now its seen as a Depression along central Chatisgarh, S-E Madhyapradesh .. 
2:30pm, T showers seen over N-E ANdhra, S,central Odisha, central,N Chatisgarh, E,S-E Madhyapradesh..

During next 36hrs, the remnant of HudHud is expected to drift into central, E Uttarpradesh and fizzle out there .. 
On 15/16-Oct, weak circulation of HudHud may drift into Bihar as well !!

Today, An upper-level W.D is affecting N,central Pakistan, N,N-W India ... 
WD moves with a trough up to 30N, could interact with Hudhud. Heavy rain likely for Uttarakhand, W Nepal on 14-Oct..