Friday, May 20, 2011

Chennai - like all summer thunder storms this one is also violent . Non stop rumbling! Terror! 11-49pm
Chennai - 11-40pm heavy thunder rain now with high winds
cloud mass over central Andhra coast is dis-integrating fast ...
Meanwhile the morning's cloud mass continue to move in S-W direction, now over central Andhra coast ...
5pm, Isolated T.showers breaking over N, central. Tamilnadu, ...
RT @Shrenit10: @weatherofindia Mumbai will get light rain (may be even light thunderstorm) from sunday to tuesday @shanpati
Latest wind sat. shows Monsoon winds have entered into S. Bay and almost over Andaman islands ..
Chennai - Possibility of a T.shower over South Chennai is raised to 50% .. Keep tracking for more!
Chennai - 3:06pm, started getting good sea breeze from East ... and Now having good Cloud formation over S. Chennai .
RT @shanpati: @weatherofindia huge t cell, cloud mass n loads of gusty winds in Mumbai but wil it RAIN (2pm)
RT @QuakeReports: earthquake: M 5.3, near the east coast of Honshu, Japan
Chennai - 36 deg C now 1:30pm and may reach 38 deg C before 3 pm.
Will this T.cell and its cloud mass continue to travel S-W along coast and reach S. Andhra coast or Chennai ?? ..
12pm, Early morning (6:30am) huge T.cell and cloud mass over Coastal central Orissa is travelling S-W and active..
Low level winds crossing equator.. Now reduced in intensity or not seen at all. It was intense 7 days back.. Monsoon delayed??
Chennai - Might be in for a surprise afternoon T.showers from 22-May to 26-May
South west Monsoon may miss the 31-May-2011 date given by IMD .. LATE ?? ..
Srilanka :: Monsoon at the end of May ...
The vertical velocity will be strong along N. orissa and S. Bengal for another 24 hrs... More T.showers expected in that zone.
RT @Paul_W_Mack: Quite strong earthquake in Tokyo right now (6:30am IST)
All forecasters expecting a Bay LOW.. ! No sign of Monsoon over Kerala till 25-May and NO sign of Bay low either..!
6:30am, Early hour T.showers over S, S-W Andhra and Central, N, coastal Orissa ..
A circulation over N-E Orissa, S. Bengal and Jharkand is keeping that ZONE extremely active ..
Super heat on 19-May, highest maximum temperature of 47.4 C has been recorded at Pilani (Rajasthan)