Friday, May 11, 2012

Bangalore to have temp. around 35 deg C and more T.showers ahead till 17-May..
chennai - after some mildly hot days till Sunday, it'll again reach 39/40/41 after 14-May
T.showers over N,N-W and central India will dry up after 13-May
Present W.D will last over Kashmir till 13-May and next is expected to reach on 17-May... the frequency & number of W.D 's are high in 2012
Entire North N-E states are going to get scattered Heavy showers from today till 17-May and beyond.
Before Sunday evening chennai city still have a GOOD chance for a T.shower !
Cross EQ are expected to be strong around 18-May near S.Andaman islands .. may signal S-W monsoon over S.Andamans..
Cross equatorial winds pushing into Bay are gathering pace again !
Severe heat to start over entire N,N-W and Central India from tomorrow
For next 24hrs, Showers along entire W.Ghats will continue with HEAVY rain for S,S-W Karnataka and Entire kerala..
RT @mizonews: Dust storm, light rain in parts of Delhi
RT @fuyohboy: Pune vs RCB Match delayed by rain IPL (8:03pm)
7pm, Heavy T.showers ALL along W.Ghats from N-W Maharastra to S.tip of Tamilnadu..
RT @jayaprakashpv: Heavy rain with thunderstorm in kumaranellur, palakkad, kerala now... (6:28pm)
RT @amrthraj Heavy rain and lighting with thunder weather trivandrum venjarammoodu: . (5:20pm)
RT @hj91: thundar is booming southern sky. pune rain fall will be there late.. (7:51pm)

International Climatic Models Turn Even More Pessimistic of a “Normal” Indian Monsoon

We are seeing possible early signals of an emerging El Niño. Large swathes of land within the country are already facing drought like conditions. Meanwhile in Peru, scientists are perplexed over the mystery death of over 3,000 dolphins. What causes marine mammals to die en masse? The US climatic agency, NOAA notes a number of possible causes, including infectious disease, parasite infestation, starvation (associated with El Niño events), pollution, injuries and algal blooms that release bio-toxins. The El Niño remains their primary suspect.
Asked whether he was worried about the El Niño playing spoil sport with the Monsoon, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) Director General LS Rathore told the media that :
"Yes there are chances of El Nino phenomenon emerging in the Pacific which may not favour rains in the month of August-September. But overall monsoon is likely to be normal. El Niño is just one of the parameters being considered while forecasting".
First 30c Minimums of 2012 Reported from Sub-Continent on 11th May ! 
The Places were all from Pakistan, Jacobabad, Sukkur and Bhawalnagar.

Late, to some extent, this year. Mentioned in MW-5 (Vagaries).

Today a circulation can be seen over Gulf Mannar which extends upto N.Tamilnadu ..
Vertical velocity near chennai and S.Andhra coast is high.. this is good for T.showers.. chennai have above 70% of Rain today
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia Baroda 9.50am, Clear sky, sunny, hot and humid, yestday 40C.. Will there be Cloud formation in the eve?