Thursday, August 07, 2014

Weather Instagram at August 07, 2014 at 03:44PM

#chennai - 2:22pm, 95% high cloud cover continue. Warm and humid. Showers after 6pm. #weather

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Today, tomorrow - There's a 30% chance of scattered light / moderate rain for S Karnataka, Bangalore.

Evening,late-evening - Scattered Moderate rain expected over #Chennai, N-W,N-E,N-central coast,central-coast Tamilnadu on Today and 8-Aug.
Belgaum - 11am, "Heavy rain continue"

#Chennai - Yesterday evening light rain...
Nungambakkam = 8.6mm
Airport = 6.3mm
IWM Polichalur = 6.3mm
"Now its 90% cloudy"

Today, the upper-level circulation persists along S,S-E Rajasthan and W,N-W Madhyapradesh ... 
An upper-level circulation seen over central, N-E Bay ...

Present central-Bay 500hpa circulation is expected to drift to #Chennai coast over Bay in 36hrs and may persist ... 
In 24hrs, an upper-level circulation is expected along S Gujarat coast, N-Maharastra coast ...

Present low-level circulation over N-central Madhyapradesh may drift into central Uttarpradesh, then weaken in 42hrs 
NO North Bay LOW or low,mid-level circulation expected till 11/12-Aug. !

11am, HEAVY convective activity seen over central,N,N-E,S-central Bay due to presence of upper-level circulation .. 
11am, Showers continue along Karnataka coast, N,central Kerala ...
11am, Due to circulation over S-E Rajasthan, N-W Madhyapradesh.. rain seen over S,S-W,S-central Rajasthan.!