Monday, September 07, 2015

SWM active in September

Strengthening of SWM in west coast especially is evident from the Mascarene high.

Yesterday"s active SWM in Telengana /  AP which claimed 20 lives due to lightening at various places in AP/Telengana .  The torrential showers in Hyderabad was also due to active SWM

Another 48-72 hours SWM is going to be active over Kerala,Karnataka.  Revival !


Decisive light rain

Winds at Chennai were westerly upto 1.5km (06-09-2015::2340Z) and there after it is SWly aloft.
This wind convergence is just North of Chennai and invaded from Bengaluru to Vellore to Chennai to south CAP.
Again this concentration is decisive and give few drops only (light rain) at pockets