Monday, March 31, 2014

#HOT "April Fool day" ahead for E,S-E India and over N, central Peninsula.
After 3-Apr, HEAT is expected to spread into central,W,N-central India as well ... 

A moderate mid-level W.D trough is expected to affect Pakistan, N,N-W India from evening of 1-Apr ... 
A low-level circulation is also expected in the mid-level W.D trough over central Pakistan tomorrow ... 

From tomorrow evening, scattered rain expected over Kashmir, N Punjab, Himachal... expected to last till 2-Apr .. 
On Wednesday, moderate rain also expected to pop over Haryana, #Delhi, into W,N-W Uttarpradesh and Uttarakhand as well !

This W.D may be immediately followed by another system on 5-Apr !!
Today, a weak low-level circulation seen over N Karnataka, S Maharastra ... 
Low-level line of wind discontinuity seen from N,N-E Odisha to N,N-W Karnataka ... expected to persist for 48hrs . 

This can produce scattered light, moderate showers over N,N-central Karnataka, N,central,N-E Andhra, Odisha during next 2 days.

A low-level trough can be seen from N Karnataka circulation to S tip Tamilnadu, and expected to persist till 1-Apr.. 
Scattered T showers expected for W-ghats from Karnataka to S kerala and S tip Tamilnadu during next 24hrs ... 

Badlapur Overall March 2014 Weather

Second half of March was hot than usual here !!
#WOW #Chennai - At 1:10pm, Airport registers a #HOT 39 C (feels like 37.4 C)

#HOT at 1:10pm, Nagpur, Hyderabad = 40 C,
#Kolkata = 37 C.

Yesterday's #HOT 40s club...
Bankura = 41.5 C
Jamshedpur = 41.2 C
Raipur = 40.3 C
Bhubaneshwar = 42 C
Ramgundam = 41 C
Sholapur = 40.9 C

#HOT 40s club ...
Gulbarga = 40.9 C
Rentachintala = 41.2 C
Kurnool = 41.7 C
Nellore = 40.6 C
Vellore = 40.2 C
Anantapur = 41 C

RT @sanjeevnaique: Its hot n humid here in Madgaon in #Goa. West coast of #India, Temp.  risen to 32 degree C. Cloudy sky at 1.45 pm.