Thursday, March 01, 2012

On 29-Feb, Min. temp rose by 2 to ­4°C over many  parts   of Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat region and coastal & south Andhra Pradesh
chennai - Temp. max was 32.9°C (12:08pm) , going to be a mild night and warm & partly cloudy morning. Sea breeze is strong today from E-S-E
Scattered showers all over N-E states till 8:30am of 1-Mar-2012 ...
Meanwhile scattered showers over entire N-E States will continue till 4/5-Mar...
Next moderate W.D to affect N-W kashmir from Sunday, 4-Mar, evening...
Some moisture push to happen over S. Kerala around 6-Mar... so some afternoon T.showers expected ..
The heat will be short lived over N-W, West India (3 to 5-Mar).. before a strong COLD wave moves in from N-W, on 7-Mar.
The heat will pick up over West, N-W India from 3-Mar.. till then mild days and cold nights expected..
N. Peninsula is having a lull in heating ... N,N-W maharastra has cooled up slightly yesterday, today .. will last till 2-Mar
Mumbai region cools down Thursday Morning... Cooling was anticipated in Mah and Gujarat from Wednesday for 2 days ( forecasted earlier). A weak F-4 has brought down the temperatures a bit more than anticipated..
Mumbai S'Cruz was 13.4c (Wednesday Night recorded minimum Thursday Morning). Lowest for this date ,1st March, for S'Cruz  is 15c. Mumbai Colaba was 18.4c, Pune 9.8c, Nasik 8.7c, and Ahmednagar 7.1c.

Note on official start of summer season from today will be up tonite..