Saturday, September 07, 2013

Raining again over Pondicherry

Kasaragod - Good rain till 1:30pm, rainfall around 50mm.

Shaddol - 3:53pm, sunny and warm weather continue here... Temp 32 C 

RT @pras_ja: @weatherofindia heavy down pour for last one hour in pondicherry (4:05pm)
2:54pm, Thin high cloud cover continues over #Chennai. NO sign of rain yet! and Warm!

2:50pm, Today again, Rain seen over Pondicherry zones, around 150km S,S-W from #Chennai.

S,central Peninsula rainfall forecast !

From now till tomorrow evening, Heavy rain expected for W-Ghats Kerala, S Karnataka, N,N-E,central,central-coast Tamilnadu.
Before Sunday noon, moderate rain possible for N Karnataka, N,N-E,central Andhra, #Chennai and #Bangalore.
Before tomorrow evening Heavy to Very heavy rain forecast for Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu and adjoining zones of W Ghats Kerala.
Heavy rains for Nilgiris zone to continue till Monday noon!

From Sunday noon till Monday noon, HEAVY rain for N,N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai, S,central,W Andhra. Moderate rain for Hyderabad as well !
Heavy rain expected for central,W Karnataka, scattered for Karnataka coast from Sunday evening till Monday noon.
HEAVY rainfall alert for Karnataka's Davangere zone before Monday evening from noon of 8-Sep.
Before noon of 9-Sep, some showers are expected to push into S,S-W Maharastra as well.

Heavy rains expected over S,S-W,W Maharastra from evening of Monday !
Scattered rain to continue over central,S,W Andhra, N,N-E Tamilnadu, #Chennai,  N,W,central Karnataka from evening, 9-Sep to morning,10-Sep

Low level circulation popped along Odisha, N-E Andhra coast

12:30pm, Showers seen along central Andhra coast, scattered Heavy rain over Kerala, Karnataka coast and Odisha..

As expected, Today a low level circulation has popped along Odisha coast over N-W Bay ... 

Another weak low level circulation seen along S Bangaldesh, S Bengal ...
The mid level circulation of Odisha coast circulation is seen over W-central Bay and upper level 500hpa is seen over S-central Bay.

During next 36hrs, the low,mid level circulation is expected to drift to S Andhra coast, #Chennai ... 
Meanwhile, the upper level circulation is expected along central-coast,central,N Tamilnadu coast... 

To signal the Monsoon withdrawal from N,N-W India, in 24hrs a low,mid level anti cyclone is expected N-central India 
GFS models suggest a long entrenched (till 13-Sep) low,mid level circulation expected along S Andhra coast, #Chennai 

Going by model predictions, almost 100% chance of WET next 5 days for #Chennai, S,central Andhra, N-W,N,N-E Tamilnadu, S,W,central Karnataka