Sunday, June 10, 2012

RT @daikinindia: If you're in #Chennai, you might be enjoying the wonderful weather. #WeatherForecast by Daikin India. 

W-Central, S-central Bay is active even today ... 

@j8900j >> UttarPradesh has to wait till June end for Monsoon !

#chennai - 3:23pm, continues to have a High cloud cover, NO sea breeze yet !! and Stiff winds from W-N-W.. 

@saraku77 > #chennai Rain, when? Presently the Monsoon along Kerala is weak.. When this strengthens, Chennai can expect T.showers after 4pm

Monsoon current over Arabian sea is picking up strength, Rain along S-W peninsula will pickup from evening of 11-Jun.. 

Monsoon to push further into peninsula after 12-Jun.

Circulation persists over Bihar and it'll persist for another 4/5 days... 

N.Bay will pop a Monsoon circulation on 12-Jun.. but models suggest that it'll vanish in 24hrs.. 

Widespread Very heavy rain forecast for Goa, Karnataka and Kerala coast from 12-Jun.. 

A weak W.D will reach N-W India on 13-Jun !

#Mumbai may have to wait beyond 16-Jun for Monsoon to start... Models suggest some showers on 13,14-Jun.

#chennai - records 36.0°C at 1:40pm, Stiff breeze from W-N-W.

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A Low may form off the Orissa /AP coast by Sunday, 10th June, and move swiftly inland to fizzle out in 24 hrs.
This may result in some rather heavy rainfall in the coastal regions of AP , mainly South of Vizag on Monday.
Meanwhile, this low will whip up some anti clock-wise winds and resultantly, bring strong Westerlies to the TN region.
Critically located is Chennai for strongish west winds, which may bring in a sharp rise in the day temperature in Chennai to 40c on Monday/Tuesday.

The SWM will be pulled up on the Eastern coast covering TN and AP, and to some extent interior Karnataka by Monday, 11th June.

Rainfall map on Vagaries.