Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Jeddah flash floods:: What happened ?? ..
Latest satellite shows nothing... these rains are due to the revived Monsoon current..
Chennai - A 45 min CLOUD burst just crossed Saidapet... and more to come.
Chennai - Half hr back a sharp shower swept across southern suburbs of Chennai.
Chennai - Very heavy showers on way... Started in Saidapet. 3:49pm
Watch out for this marked YELLOW location in this sat. picture for next 3 days ..
Present rains for TN coast will last till 4-Dec, ... by that time a LOW pressure will form over south-east Bay.
NCMRWF - predicts the present revived monsoon phase for TN coast will last till 4-Dec..
onion prices soar ..
NCMRWF - model predicts a Deep-Depression North-east of Srilanka and South-East of Chennai on 7-Dec ..
First south-east Bay LOW pressure system predicted around 6-Dec. Keep tracking
Chennai - Mild showers and drizzles continue with Sunny interval.
RT @contactnaveen: whooooa rain startd pourin here in Chennai :)
RT @pprakash: Good Morning folks.... And today's sunrise with rain brings yellowish light & it looks awesome outside. chennai.
IMD-WRF model sees a cyclonic circulation over south-Arabian sea and south-east Bay in 72hrs ..
Huge High pressure over central India has slightly moved to East and will stay there for another 3 or 4 days.
Chennai - Egmore region got 24.6 mm in past 24hrs
Chennai - Will be warm and humid thru the day with good Low cloud formation and with Rain spells.