Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"92B" a potential Cyclone or Depression brewing just East of Srilanka .. http://yfrog.com/j7pq3j
Chennai - Heavy SHORT showers ahead after 5 pm.. Good cloud formation from East, When cloud forms from East there'll be heavy sharp showers
A Low pressure system is brewing over East-south-east of Srilanka .. here's the latest satellite shot .. http://yfrog.com/2mh6xj
Will Pechiparai witness the next boating tragedy .. http://is.gd/4LKra
Chennai - More medium showers expected thru the day.
Chennai - From yesterday evening the NE current has picked up strength .. we had some 3 showers from yesterday evening till now 10:15am
RT @NDTV india news Jaipur fire probe report in six weeks - Six days after a devastating fire broke out at the India... http://ow.ly/15Z29K
Latest satellite shows: 2 potential area for a cyclone (1)South-west of Srilanka, (2) East of Srilanka .. http://yfrog.com/j5xfvj