Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bay will be buzzing again from Thursday,18th: Precipitation resumes for the East Coast from 22nd.

A UAC will form "in situ" in the Bay in the Central region on 18th at around 15N. The UAC will descend to sea level, track Westwards, and cross the East Coast of India in the Southern AP region around the 22nd. Rains very heavy along AP coast and interiors, but good rains all along the coast of TN also. Could be numbered by Tuesday (BB-19).

Hyderabad gets rains on Friday 22nd.

Chennai will get a break in rain intensity from Tuesday thru Thursday. 
Friday, 22nd, the rains commence again. 

On 21st November, potential Low could form in the SE Bay, South of Andaman Islands in the 7N region. Can have a good potential for further developing possibly upto DD or cyclone stage.
A fresh W.D trough is expected to reach N Pakistan, W,N-W Kashmir on 20-Nov ... 

4:30pm, Heavy rain continue along S,central Andhra coast, Showers also seen over central,S Kerala, S Tamilnadu .. 

RT @Ask_Someone: @weatherofindia 1545 hrs, No Rains in last 6-7 hrs, Intermittent Clouds, Often Sunny in SW Bangalore regions, @rajugana 

#Chennai - 5pm, mini sharp showers may push into city, suburbs in next 1.5hrs

COLD NORTH India, today morning Adampur (Punjab) records 5.8ยบ C
#Chennai - Rainfall till 8:30am today, Nungambakkam = 80.4 mm, Airport = 123.9 mm and IWM station, Polichalur = 138.3 mm

#Bangalore - 1:49pm, "Raining in CHIKKABETTAHALLI zone"

#Chennai - 2pm, Warm, Temperature around 30 C.

More chance of rain in next 2hrs.
RT @rajugana: Bangalore 8.30am, Wet Sunday; rained overnight and Now, Dark clouds lingering around, sky pic. 

#Chennai - 11:26am, Showers now stopped over most of S,W,E suburbs. Getting WARM !

Next 24hrs, More rain ahead for #Chennai, N coast Tamilnadu and S coast Andhra

The remnant of Depression is seen as a weak circulation over N-W Tamilnadu, Nilgiris, N Kerala and S-W Karnataka.. 

The circulation may emerge over Arabian sea in next 24hrs or fizzle out over land itself.
Before Monday evening, more Heavy rain expected along S Andhra coast, N Tamilnadu coast and #Chennai.
During next 24hrs, Scattered Showers expected over S,S-W,W Karnataka, Kerala, W,N-W,S,S-central Tamilnadu as well.

Chennai rain and the inland low

  1.     After crossing coast the system moved in North-NWly direction and continuously draw wind from SEly direction through Chennai
  2. This lead to incessant rain in Chennai

17.11.2013 RF [> OR =125.0MM]
2 TRICHY JN 144.0

Super Sunday morning for #Chennai, IWM station records 128.1mm till 8am

Check  for live #Chennai weather from IWM weather station at Polichalur.

RT @joesat: @weatherofindia #palavakkam 6am Continuous rain pounds and no wind #Chennai

RT @saisowsen: @weatherofindia 07:30am - CONTINUOUS rain all night, still pouring at #PALLIKARANAI #Southchennai 

RT @joesat: @weatherofindia #Chennai #palavakkam 7:30 The intensity of the rain has just increased a few notches. Thank God there's Internet 

#Chennai - 7:48am, Still raining now over Polichalur zone. So far IWM station has recorded 132.3 mm during past 24hrs 

#Chennai - HEAVY rain continue from midnight, Satellite show rain is concentrated only along S Andhra, #Chennai, N Tamilnadu coast

RT @NTSHAMZ2010: @weatherofindia Heavy rain in Madambakkam since 7 a.m. it rained heavily overnight too! #Chennai (7:50am)

Here's the 7am satellite IR,... showing showers only along zones near #Chennai ... 

#Chennai - 7:45am, RADAR shows more waves of HEAVY rain ahead coming into city, suburbs from E-S-E and S-E...