Thursday, October 30, 2014

Now entering Gulf of Kutch

  1. NILOFAR now entering gulf of Kutch.
  2. The wind speed is ranging from 30 kts to 45 kts along Sindh delta region.
  3. KARACHI will be experiencing heavy precipitation

4:55pm, Gloomy in Nagercoil with occasional drizzle till now from morning.

Nilofar - Tropical storm now and will be dead over sea.

During past 24hrs, the Severe Cyclone has degraded to a Tropical storm now.
Pressure has risen from 959mb to 995.1mb.
Present wind is around 90 kmph.

12:30pm, IR shows that the system has tracked N-E and convective activity is also weak.

In next 42hrs, this is expected to weaken further and fizzle out over Sea itself near to Coast of Kutch and S Pakistan.
Moderate showers expected over S,S-W,W Gujarat and over S,S-E Pakistan on 31-Oct and 1-Nov.

Looks like the easterlies have picked up strength today in Karaikal.
10:33AM,Gusty wind here.

Chennai - wind has picked up over low-levels but the direction is from NE. In next 24 hrs it'll become ENE and rain will start pushing in.

Moderate showers will start pushing into central , N Tamilnadu coast , #Chennai from morning or noon of Friday.