Wednesday, March 28, 2012

chennai - today had cloudy conditions till 12:30pm... max. temp was 32.2°C (1:13pm)
Next W.D is expected to reach Kashmir on 1-Apr.
Strong T.showers to continue over S. Kerala, Kerala W.ghats well into 1st week of April...
Entire West, N-W, S.central, central, E.central India will be under a heat wave from 31-Mar..
N. Tamilnadu, chennai to start heating up from 31-Mar..
Moisture will be over S. Tamilnadu, S,central Kerala till 31-Mar... afternoon T.showers to continue..
Heavy moisture can be seen over Kerala and West,S. Tamilnadu... Remnant of W.D is over Nepal...
RT @manaf4u99: A rain frm nowhere. We luv it. Kochiites really havng fun. kochi , kerala (6:28pm)
7pm, Strong T.showers seen all over Tamilnadu W.Ghats, S,central Kerala and Srilanka...
RT @rajugana: @weatherofindia, Oh, summer showers, raining heavily with thunder, for the past half-an-hour in Ernakulam, Kerala (4:49pm)
9:10am, Radar shows a rain activity S-S-E of chennai over Sea !
chennai - having a chance of Rain before 2pm... especially for S-Chennai
chennai -some of the moisture pushed in from S-W Bay has entered into N. Tamilnadu as well. S.Chennai is having good cloud formation 9:33am
Today, S, S-central, central Tamilnadu can expect some isolated T.showers due to moisture push from Bay..
HOT conditions will slowly drift into N. Tamilnadu, chennai from 29-Mar..
As expected the S-W Bay circulation has pushed moisture into S. Tamilnadu... showers witnessed ... .