Friday, July 30, 2010

Karnataka - Copious rainfall ensures steady flow into major reservoirs

Copious rainfall in the catchment areas of the Cauvery and the Kabini have ensured a steady inflow into the major reservoirs in the Cauvery command area since the last 24 hours. This has brought relief to the authorities, who were concerned about the slackening of the south-west monsoon as a result of which the water-level in the major dams—Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS), Kabini and Harangi

Krishnaraja Sagar dam (KRS)

Heavy rain in neighbouring district of Kodagu has augmented the inflow into the KRS. Officials in the Cauvery Command Area Development Authority (CADA) told The Hindu that the inflow into the reservoir was 14,874 cusecs on Thursday morning and it increased to nearly 17,000 cusecs by evening. The outflow from the reservoir was 3,500 cusecs. The water-level in the KRS was 91.30 ft as against the full reservoir level (FRL) of 124.80 ft. The live storage in the reservoir was 8.34 tmcft.

Kabini dam

The Kapila is rising owing to heavy rain in Wayanad district of Kerala which is the catchment area. As a result of incessant rain in the last 24 hours, the inflow into the Kabini dam at Beechanahalli in H.D. Kote increased significantly. The water-level in the reservoir is 2281.5 ft as against the FRL of 2,284 ft. The inflow into the reservoir was 22,271 cusecs at 6 a.m. but increased to 24.750 cusecs by evening.

Harangi reservoir

Harangi reservoir near Kushalnagar was let out into the river on Wednesday, as the water-level reached 2,854.70 ft as against the full reservoir level of 2,859 ft. The inflow increased to 16,646 cusecs. While 9,000 cusecs was released into the river on Wednesday night, this was reduced to 4,769 cusecs on Thursday morning.

The average rainfall for Kodagu district has crossed the 1,000-mm mark this year. According to statistics received on Thursday, the district recorded 1,132.33 mm of rainfall. The figure during the corresponding period last year was 1,754.65 mm. Bhagamandala received 98.40 mm of rainfall between 8 a.m. on Wednesday and 8 a.m. on Thursday. Shantalli in Somwarpet taluk continued to receive the highest rainfall of 156.20 mm during the same period, while Sampaje recorded 93.40 mm, Madikeri 92.40 mm, Srimangala 87 mm, Hudikeri 77.50 mm and Kodlipet 53.20 mm rainfall.

Tungabhadra dam

Water was released into the Tungabhadra Left Bank Canal (TLBC) on Wednesday to facilitate sowing of kharif crops in the command areas of Koppal and Raichur districts. Water will be supplied to the canal till mid-November.Water was also released into the Tungabhadra Right Bank High-Level Canal (RBHLC) and the Right Bank Low-Level Canal (RBLLC) to facilitate sowing of kharif crops in the command areas of Bellary district and parts of Andhra Pradesh. Water will be supplied to the canal till November-end.

This year, the release of water has begun even before the storage at the reservoir has not yet reached to its Full Reservoir Level (1,633 ft.). On Wednesday, July 28, the inflow was at 56.242 cusecs, the water level was 1,613.73 ft. with storage of 43.305 tmcft. of water.During the corresponding period last year, the level of the reservoir touched the Full Reservoir Level with storage of 104.340 tmcft.

Almatti dam

The water levels of various reservoirs built on River Krishna are slowly rising with more rains reported in the catchment area. Almatti dam in Karnataka is almost up to brim and is releasing more than one lakh cusecs of water to downstream Narayanpur dam in the same state. Narayanpur also started releasing water into Jurala in AP as the discharge from Almatti stepped up on Thursday. At Jurala, water level reached 1,043 feet against 1,045-feet full reservoir level. Irrigation officials opened 24 gates at Jurala to let 25,000 cusecs water downstream.

Srisailam reservoir

Increased inflows from Krishna and Tungabadhra saw a sudden surge of water into Srisailam reservoir where the water level touched 835 feet against 885-feet full reservoir level (FRL). This will help the authorities generate more power to ease the ongoing shortage.

Sriram Sagar reservoir

In the Godavari basin, the Sriram Sagar reservoir continues to receive copious inflows from upstream. The water level reached 1,075 feet against 1,091-feet full reservoir level. Singur, Nizamsagar, Yeluru reservoirs also received substantial inflows in the last three days with widespread rains in the catchment area.

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New on "Vagaries": Mars Weather !

"This is the first dust devil that NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has observed in the rover's six-and-a-half years on Mars. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University/Texas A&M

The Opportunity rover has captured an image of a dust devil, and surprisingly, this is the first one ever that Oppy has spied. Spirit has seen dozens of dust devils over on the other side of the planet in Gusev Crater, and even the Phoenix lander's camera captured several of these whirling dust dervishes during its short four-and-a-half month life. Plus the different orbiting spacecraft have seen evidence of plenty of dust devils by using their eyes from the skies. But this is the first one Oppy's cameras have managed to shoot. This tall column of swirling dust appeared in a routine image that Opportunity took with its panoramic camera on July 15, 2010. The rover took the image in the drive direction, east-southeastward, right after a drive of about 70 meters (230 feet), and was taken for use in planning the next drive.

But obviously, over the years, Opportunity has benefited from dust devils – or perhaps just gusts of wind – as she has had a series of unexpected boosts in electrical power when the pervasive Martian dust gets cleaned off her solar panels. And just one day before Opportunity captured this dust devil image, wind cleaned some of the dust off the rover's solar array, increasing electricity output from the array by more than 10 percent. These unexpected – but welcome – Martian "car washes" have helped extend the life of both rovers.

"That might have just been a coincidence, but there could be a connection" between the cleaning event and the dust devil in the image, said Mark Lemmon of the rover team from Texas A&M University. The team is resuming systematic checks for afternoon dust devils with Opportunity's navigation camera, for the first time in about three years".

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