Saturday, December 20, 2008

Potential "97A" and "98A"

Can you believe that 2 tropical disturbance in Arabian sea and that too in December??
This system is there in south-western Arabian sea for almost 2 weeks now. It's actually a remnant of "07B". This system is almost died out.
This prolonged system has given rise to another disturbance.
Now this "98A" is very close to Kerala.
Going by latest satellite image...

We can see a core and some circulation around it.
And latest TPW also suggests more moisture in that Area.

We should wait for another 24 hrs to see if any threatening formations are there.
There's no predicted movement yet, Might move in a west-north-west direction and dissipate before reaching any LAND.
Today morning it's cloudy and mild.
If "98A" becomes into a tropical depression then North-east monsoon might trigger again for us and get some showers.