Sunday, May 29, 2011

IMD advances SWM. Northern limit: AminiDivi, Kozhikode, Kodaikanal, southern half of Sri Lanka and southern half of Bay Islands.
S-W Monsoon over S. Kerala and S. Tip Tamilnadu will set in on 1-Jun-2011 ... IMD will declare on 2-Jun..
Heavy and widespread Monsoon showers will start from night of 31-May along S.kerala coast and S. Tip Tamilnadu...
Rain intensity along S, central - Kerala coast will increase from tonight ...
Vertical velocity along Kerala coast and central Karnataka is on higher side... heavy showers forecast ...
Chennai - Just now 3:04pm, Sea breeze has set in ! Good cloud formation can be seen over S-W,W,N-W ... chance of T.shower is increased now
Chennai - Today already touched a max. temp of 41.7 C (1:34pm)
Chennai - just now 2:57pm touches a super max. temp. of 40 deg C and NO sign of Sea breeze yet ! Wind is from N-W
2pm, T.Showers seen breaking over Central,N-E Orissa
RT @rajugana, Kerala news channels reports of widespread continous rain since yesterday night.