Sunday, April 14, 2013

Though A-4 moves into Northern most parts of India on 16th, , we see precipitation restricted to Kashmir, HP and hills of Utteranchal. Very light rains will occur in West Rajastahn on 16th/17th.
Thundershowers will be heavy and in all regions of Meghalaya and Assam. Bangladesh gets heavy thundershowers with squally winds, some severe.
On Wednesday and Thursday, we see some thundershowers with squally winds in Central Bengal regions.
Sothern Orissa/adjoining AP regions like Srikakulam, Dharakote and Chhatrapur will also get showers.

Similarly, the border towns of Rajasthan in India will be rising to 41/42c this week.
Heat Wave (43c-46c) is likely in Vidharbh, adjoining Chattisgarh and complete Orissa. Northern AP will also see a heating up as with plains of UP....check city weather on vagaries..

6:30am, mild showers seen along s.Tamilnadu coast, cloudy over most of E.India ..

7am, Isolated shower seen near mahabalipuram coast (around 40km s-s-e from Chennai city)