Monday, October 19, 2009

Today (19-Oct) evening's VISIBLE satellite shot .. ... south-east Bay is getting active.
3 major thunder storm can be seen over west coast now.. .. big one is over south-west coast of Kerala.
Rainfall 18-Oct-09:: Vedaranyam and Punalur 3 each, Nagapattinam, Ayikudi , Pechiparai (Kanyakumari dt) and Kanjirapally (Kottayam dt) 2 CM
Today (now) also heavy showers over west coast of Srilanka .. and can affect parts of south tip of Tamilnadu ..
Chennai - now 4:18pm, feels like more than 35 deg. We have good sea breeze from East.
Typhoon Lupit expected to deliver heavy rains Wednesday ..
Tourism:: .. Baman Budi falls leave viewers spellbound
Tourism:: Baman Budi falls leave viewers spellbound ..

Predicting the weather by the moon

Predicting the Weather by the Moon ... Ken Ring

This is the first book to present sound scientific evidence for the Moon's influence on our weather and how easily it can be calculated.

Most farmers, fishermen, geologists and nomads know that Full and New Moons bring weather changes. Yet the Moon is never mentioned in any official weather forecasts, nor is it factored into any weather-computer model. Metereologists cannot agree as to whether or not the Moon is a weather influence. Some say it is a small player and others say it is not a player at all. They accept that the Moon controls tides, but will not come out publicly and attribute the Moon to influencing anything else. They also admit to having no real long range forecasting system.

KEN RING discovered how much the Moon influences our weather by keeping and comparing diaries over a ten year period while living in a bus touring New Zealand with his young family. Using this Moon-based system, he has been predicting the weather with surprising accuracy. For a long time he has campaigned for yacht races to be held at Moon phase safer times. In July last year he correctly forecast the weather on Millennium Day, on New Zealand's Election Day, and just recently, for the Sydney Olympics.

PREDICTING THE WEATHER BY THE MOON reveals vital information on how the Moon affects our weather, based on sound mathematics, ancient divination techniques and recently-discovered data from space research. It explains how earthquakes, hurricanes, and extreme weather conditions can be foretold by looking at the distance of the Moon from Earth.

For two or three days at the time of every New Moon, the Moon shields us from the solar wind - that electromagnetic energy force-field put forth by the Sun. The old cultures knew that was the time for planting and fishing and so, over thousands of years they grew the lunar planting and fishing calendars. Data coming now from NASA suggests that lunar calendar systems used by many ancient and surviving cultures to determine seasonal climatic fluctuations indeed had a sound scientific basis. One might say that this is knowledge so old, it is now new again.

For more weather information, visit Ken Ring's website:

KEN RING is a mathematician with a passion for number. He is also a long-range weather forecaster. His forecasting columns a month ahead are syndicated throughout New Zealand, and are eagerly awaited by farmers, fishermen, pilots, travellers, and all kinds of event-organisers.

Main points:
• Extremely practical do-it-yourself handbook for predicting the weather.
• First popular science book to explain clearly what the Moon is, and its influence on Earth.
• Combines science with the myths and legends of the Moon from prehistoric times.
• Shows how earthquakes, hurricanes, and extreme weather conditions can be foretold by examining the distance of the Moon from Earth.
• Explains how weather forecasters are now seriously beginning to look at the effects of the Moon and are in regular discussion on this with the author.

Chennai - now 12:34pm, temperature is 34.0°C and with patchy low clouds.
Chennai - A clear,mild and dry morning so far.. like a morning of early December.
South-East BAY is getting active with good convective clouds.
Nagercoil - Now 9:29am, it's cloudy and Low clouds moving in from North-East.
Nagercoil - Yesterday (18-Oct-09) afternoon also Nagercoil and northern suburbs received some medium thunder showers.
Nagercoil - Kanyakumari district have started receiving NE monsoon type Afternoon thunder storms. .. South-east coast of Tamilnadu received some showers overnight.
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