Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chennai - 11:15pm, a moderate shower system is nearing S, S-W suburbs of city

More rain ahead for W,S,central Maharastra and Kerala.

Upper level W.D trough will drift East, rain over parts of Punjab, Himachal, S Kashmir and even for N-W Uttarpradesh expected till 17-Sep.

An upper level circulation can be seen over N-E Bay along Myanmar coast ... this is expected to persist for 2 days. 

Scattered heavy rain over S,central Kerala to continue during next 3 days.
Tomorrow evening, HEAVY rain for S,S-E Karnataka, #Bangalore, S Andhra, N,N-E Tamilnadu and #Chennai.
More rain forecast for W,N-W,S Maharastra on evening of tomorrow as well.
Late evening of Monday can pop heavy rain for S,central,W Andhra. Tomorrow scattered rain also for S Odisha and Chatisgarh.

Tomorrow, N-E Bay circulation is expected to draw a E-W trough from N-E Bay to S Maharastra coast, Karnataka coast 

Heavy rain again over W,S,central Maharastra

RT @rajugana: Bangalore 6.00pm, Clear skies, hot and humid day.. Formation of Dark clouds in the evening.. sky pic
RT @iamkanal: Heavy rain at kochi cc  @weatherofindia (10:04am)

RT @senthilvijay: Its raining in north chennai #Tiruvottiyur @weatherofindia (3:49pm)

Davangere - 4:40pm, "raining very steadily and hardly, thundering can be heard" .. 

8:30pm, HEAVY rain over W,central,S,E Maharastra, central,S Andhra, central,E,N Karnataka, S Odisha, N Chatisgarh . 
8:30pm, Showers also seen over central,N Punjab, Himachal and S Kashmir ...

Weather Situation Posted on Sunday (15th) Night:

1. The WD mentioned in Friday's post is moving across the Northern hills and is affecting parts of Northern Punjab (see image as on Sunday evening).
Rains and thunder showers are more widespread in Kashmir and part of Punjab plains. Expecting a fall in night temperatures in the hills. Srinagar and other stations will see a fall in night temperatures. Srinagar may witness a night temperature of 10c or below.

2. The trough off the west coast will strengthen next 2 /3 days. By Wednesday 18th, an UAC (or a weak low) can get embedded in the trough off the Goa coast. Since it will not sustain much, can fizzle out in a couple of days after forming.

Chennai - 3:15pm, a heavy T shower now seen over Ponneri zone, north from city and moving east