Monday, November 25, 2013

6pm, Scattered rain witnessed over W,N-W Maharastra mostly along and near to W-Ghats.

RT @ganesh_jrg: @weatherofindia Sudden heavy downpour for the past 20 minutes in Bangalore. (6:54pm)

#Chennai - 7pm, Wind direction is from North, DRY and slightly COLD evening than previous 3 evenings.
"a cold morning ahead".

Today morning COLD North #India ... Srinagar = 1 C, Delhi AP = 13 C, Amristar = 10 C .. comparatively bit high than previous week lows. 

Heavy rain over S tip Tamilnadu and LEHAR update

RT @kannan2121: Heavy rain #Trivandrum and #Kanyakumari #Lightning #thunder @weatherofindia (5:19pm)

5pm, HEAVY rain again over S Kerala, S tip Tamilnadu... 
and scattered T showers seen all along W-ghats from N-W Maharastra to S tip Tamilnadu ...

Cyclone LEHAR is slowly re-grouping again after the Andaman crossing ...
LEHAR at 5:30pm suggests "slightly weakened" .. pressure around 993mb and winds upto 110 kmph.
LEHAR, Satellite IR reveals Heavy convective activity over its E,S-E quadrants.
For LEHAR, HWRF model did not support "Significant Intensification" during next 48hrs ... 
Sea surface temperature over N,N-central, N-W, W,W-central Bay are just not good for Cyclone intensification ...

#Chennai - 10:53am, Warm with good cloud formation around. City, suburbs getting ready for a moderate localized Shower in next 1 / 2hr

LEHAR - 10am, Now it has crossed Andaman Islands.

Analysis at 9am suggests that Cyclone LEHAR has crossed Andaman Islands.
During the past 24hrs, it has not intensified much, maintaining the Pressure around 992mb, Winds gusting to 110 kmph.
Present position is plotted here ...

Visible satellite shot at 9:30am, reveals that most of its cloud mass and convective activity has left Andaman islands.

This was a report from Port Blair... taken from our Facebook page ..
"My friend Santosh Kumar Manchal right now he is in port blair , he informs me that 
the situation is very dangerous with gale winds and torrential rains , as we speak ...
port blair has received an astounding 151 mms in last 24 hrs , with max winds clocking at 120 km/h ...
Portblair, Andaman Island records 213 mm of rainfall till 8.30am today with winds gusting upto 130/kmph.

Most of the models suggest a N,central Andhra coast as Cyclone.
This is the latest forecast of track for LEHAR.