Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Maybe it is not where one might have thought as of Monday: however, there may be a tropical cyclone gathering south of the Equator. The JTWC have advised that such may happen over open seas southwest of Sumatra. There is another "whirl" opposite the Equator from southern India and Sri Lanka. It is not as near to tropical depression status as the tropical low to its east.

As for any "ghost" of Tropical Storm Noul, now dissipated over southern Thailand, I see no indication, based upon numerical forecast scenarios, of its regeneration into a tropical depression (let alone tropical cyclone) westward over the Andaman Sea and southern Bay of Bengal.

Tropical moisture wafted over the southern half of India has fostered a few widely-separated thunderstorms on Tuesday. This moisture will bring hit-or-miss thunderstorms over southern and eastern India for another two days or so, bolstered in part by a "Western Disturbance" sweeping eastward over Pakistan and northern India within a well-marked sub-tropical jet stream.

At the weekend and the start of next week, showers and thunderstorms having the "earmarks" of the North East Monsoon are indicated once again by the latest GFS scenarios.

Small shower and what more...

Yesterday (18-Nov-08) evening around 5:45PM we had a sharp shower. In some places of Chennai (South-south-east) had experienced even electric shower.
After that the night was mild with moist winds from east-north-east.
Going by latest satellite pic...

A good cloud formation can be seen over North srilanka sea.
This might evolve into a LOW pressure trough along the north-tamilnadu coast.
And it'll prevail there for another 3 days.
This will bring us more rains in coming 48 hrs.

More rains over south-south-tamilnadu..and scattered rain over north tamilnadu.
Thriuvanathapuram 5, Kavali 4, Tirukoilur (Villupuram dt) and Kuzithurai (Kanyakumari dt) 3 each, Ambur (Vellore dt).