Monday, September 29, 2008

Typhoon "Jangmi"

Must see video

Some Rain facts for september (Chennai)

Monthly average = 109 mm
High temp = 38.9 C (19.09.1883)
Low temp = 20.6 C (15.09.1884)
Rain single day = 150.9 mm (30.09.1984)
Total rain = 279.7 mm (1897)

Almost at the end of SW monsoon

Now that the SW-monsoon air current has almost stopped.
Chennai has began to suffer from high humidity and sultry afternoons.
Some days we will have Electric showers if late afternoons or evenings.
For another 10 days the weather will be like this after that we can see the signs of Northeast monsoon.
I'm expecting a MORE than NORMAL north-east monsoon.
It might start at around 10-Oct-2008.

We have had good rains in all non-seasonal months (June to September).
September average rainfall is 109 mm and now it has recorded 121.00 mm

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane "IKE" tracking

Live hurricane ike tracking visuals